Qingtang Station opened and Line 9 open

  Release date: 2018-07-04 10:14

  Today's Huadu News

  On June 30, the long-awaited Line 9 Qingtang Station was finally opened! At this point, the 9th line was fully opened.

  Line 9 has been in operation for half a year since it was opened on December 28 last year, making it easier and faster for the majority of Huadu citizens to travel. The subway has changed not only the way of travel, but also the traditional way of life of the Huadu people. However, Qingtang Station was still in the electromechanical construction at that time, it could only be "flying station" and could not be opened simultaneously with other stations, which was a pity.

  At first, Guangzhou Metro Line 9 is designed to be ten stations. On June 2015, in order to support the development of the core area of the airport, the Guangzhou Municipal Government executive meeting decided to add Qingtang Station in the Qingbu and Gaozeng sections. Finally, the number of stations increased to 11.

  Qingtang Station is a new station on the No. 9 subway line. It is the latest to be constructed but the fastest to be finished. The main structure has been completed only in more than a year. However, since the Qingtang Station is a new site, although the construction progress is fast, it is still unable to catch up with the entire line at the same time. In order to ensure the opening of the 9th line is on time, the Guangzhou Metro Company had to take special measures of “flying station” on the premise of making it as convenient as possible for the citizens to travel. In order to ensure the safety of trains running on the 9th line, the subway company and the construction party have taken safety measures.

  It is reported that there are 4 entrances and exits in Qingtang Station, among which: A port located nearby Hehe Xincheng Community, B port located nearby airport logistics park, C port is near Guangtang Village, and D port located nearby Huadu Crown Plaza Hotel and Jiaduhui Community. The hotel is surrounded by the hotel industry, and the Crown Plaza Hotel and the Grand Hyatt Huaying Hotel are also located nearby it. At the same time, the north side and the southeast side of the station have developed commercial entities such as Jingshi Plaza and Guangzhou International Airport Center, and the surrounding area is currently under development. In terms of service, the two entrances and exits of Qingtang Station are equipped with two-way escalators and stairs. The B port is also equipped with special elevators and ramps to facilitate passenger travel.

  At the same time, Qingtang Station will continue to adopt excellent service facilities used on Line 9 last year, and the service will be fully upgraded. For example, passengers can use the Guangzhou Metro official app, travel QR code, applepay financial IC card, cloud card and subway ticket code to purchase tickets. At the same time, the station has restrooms, added an automatic ticket machine and a wide-channel gate to improve the efficiency of the passengers carrying large luggage and pushing the baby carriage; a maternal and child room is set up and a shared umbrella is provided.

  Qingtang Station is the closest station to Gaozhan Station on the first phase of No. 9 line, and Gaozeng Station is the “gateway” from Huadu District to Baiyun District on the 9th line. It can be said that Qingtang Station is the threshold connecting Huadu and Baiyun District. It is believed that this will bring more vitality to the surrounding areas of Qingtang Station in the future and promote the development of its surroundings.

  According to the operation schedule announced by Guangzhou Metro, Qingtang Station started to operate from the first bus of the day. The subway time from Qingtang Station to Gaozeng is 6:22 in the morning, 22:52 in the evening; Qingtang Station to Fei Eling station is 6:09 in the morning, 23:18 in the evening.