Official Launch of “Green Environment Board” of Guangzhou Equity Exchange

  Release date: 10:25 06-13-2018

  Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

  Huadu News Today: The Green Environment Board of Guangzhou Equity Exchange was officially launched into operation on June 11, which is fruit of joint efforts of Huadu People’s government and Guangzhou Equity Exchange (GEE), with strong supports from relevant departments at provincial, city, and district levels, as part of the project to secure solid progress in the development of pilot areas in the province for green finance innovation and reform. A plaque unveiling ceremony was held on the day at Guangzhou Green Finance Street for GEE Green Environment Board operation center, which was participated by Mr. Li Guiyuan, Associate Counsel of Bureaux of Financial Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality, Mr. Cai Jian, Standing Member of CPC Huadu District Committee and Deputy Secretary of the District Government’s Leading Party Members Group, heads of Guangzhou Equity Exchange and Guangzhou Green Finance Street Management Co., Ltd, and representatives of enterprises in the green industry of environmental protection.

  On June 23, 2017, Guangzhou Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone received its official approval, which authorized a pilot program of green finance reform and innovation centering Huadu District. In the past year, the District, faithfully implementing the spirit of the Party's 19th National Congress, following the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialist Economy with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and firmly dedicated to the main notion that green finance shall be at the service of the real economy, pushed hard for progress in institutional, product, and service innovations for green finance, bearing in mind the four major targets, that is, to become "a test field for green finance reform and innovation, a demonstration zone for coordinated development of green finance and green industries, a green platform for cooperation and development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and a booster for the Belt and Road Initiative". The District is the first to release a "1+4" policy, and its corresponding documents, in support of the development of green finance and green industries; the first green finance government service center in South China is in operation now; mechanisms for approval of green enterprises and green projects, and for green finance risk compensation are in place; and a regional green finance operation model is taking shape. By the end of May 2018, loan balance of green banking institutions in the District reached RMB 10.635 billion yuan, representing a share of 12.66%, compared with 7.3% at the beginning of 2017; green bond, green insurance, green fund, green finance, and other branches of green finance are developing at an accelerating pace; green finance is playing an effective role in structure adjustment, growth mode transition, and promotion of sustainable economic development, and has become a new drive for all-around and high quality development of regional economy.

  The cooperation between the District government and Guangzhou Equity Exchange on the Green Environment Board is an important innovation step taken for the Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone; the aim is to leverage the comprehensive financial services offered by a regional equity market to support a host of green enterprises in their attempts to achieve successful transition and upgrading, or faster development through multilevel capital market. On the day of plaque unveiling, 50 enterprises from 13 cities across Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai, become the first ones to be listed in the Green Environment Board, with a total registered capital of RMB 0.63 billion yuan.

  With strong supports from governments at provincial, city, and district levels, and from financial institutions, GEE Green Environment Board operation center will work together with partners in green banking, green fund, green guarantee, and green services to keep pushing forward financial innovations, and provide services in such aspects as incubation, compliance training, policy support, alignment of financing, trade and transfer, and capital intermediary. In the future a multitude of green companies of considerable size, strong innovation capacity, and huge growth potential will be based here, which will further help to attract more green financial resources to converge in Huadu for better development.