District State Administration of Taxation to build a “flat service system” to speed up the development of the national-level airport economic demonstration zone

  Release date: 15:30, June 22, 2018

  Today’s Huadu News

  This year, the District IRS is working hard to build a “flat service system”, with a modern service concept, caring service guidance and diversified service measures, actively serving the overall situation of the airport economy and speeding up the development of the national-level airport economic demonstration zone.

  The District IRS starts from the actual situation of service enterprises, and creates a “three-in-one” tax service environment with breadth, depth and precision. Under the framework of multi-sector cooperation, it organizes airport research institutes to conduct tax seminars, Guangzhou “Belt and Road” tax policy announcements, and logistics industry taxes etc, comprehensively answer the issue of income tax, non-resident enterprises to pay foreign exchange after the reform of the VAT rate, and master the progress of the "Bus to Van” project of the Boeing Company in the Airport Economic Zone. Strengthen the normal exchange mechanism of the “Tax Department-Airport and Municipal Air Port Commission”, keep abreast of the latest trend of key investment promotion projects, select big data and present the “tax-related panoramic long rolls” of enterprises, and customize the customized counseling plan in advance.

  The bureau also pays attention to streamlining the handling procedures, and draws a “tree map of airport taxation process” for each item, provide time-delay services and “off-the-clock” on holidays, guarantee the quality of implementing the policy and the quality of “one window for all procedures”. Establish "fixed point contacts", through "peer-to-peer contact", "instant messaging", "centralized response", "tailor-made", to ensure that the annual settlement and payment is successfully completed and tax incentives are in place.。Moreover, actively take the initiative to visit and investigate the airport enterprises, ease the burden of industrial innovations, such as reducing the high-tech corporate income tax, technology-based SMEs research and development fees and others, dedicated to serve the enterprise.

  The District IRS actively invests in the latest taxation equipment to ensure that the taxation of entities is fast, intelligent and secure. At present, the Huadong Tax Office and the Airport Tax Office have been equipped with self-service tax terminals, ARM machines, external network touch screen retrieval systems, electronic return receipts for invoices, and anti-virus “ferry machines”, which further optimize tax efficiency and quality. In their work, the Bureau take into account the objective needs of T1 and T2 two terminal buildings at Baiyun International Airport and the large number of foreign operators in Fulin Jingang City and Jintian industrial area, has purchased multilingual translation machines and is ready to put them in use. The corresponding tax guide personnel are also in place in the first time, striving to provide high-quality and considerate service for the taxpayers.