110 kV Pingshi (Sandong) power transmission and transformation project officially put into operation to supply 80% of Wanda City's electricity

  Release date: 10:33, June 27, 2018

  Sandong Substation

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  On June 20, the 110kV Pingshi (Sandong) power transmission and transformation project accepted the pre-shipment quality supervision and inspection of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau's power quality supervision station and passed the acceptance. On June 24, with the completion of the power transmission and transformation work, the Pingshi substation began to be officially put into operation.

  It is reported that the total construction area of ​​the 110 kV Pingshi (Sandong) power transmission and transformation project reached 2958 square meters. According to the central axis regional planning, Pingshi Substation will become the first substation put into operation in the central axis area. After the opening of Wanda City, the station will bear 24 feedback lines with 10kV , reaching 80% of the total power supply, which will greatly improve the power quality and power supply reliability, the economic performance of the power grid, effectively support the economic development of the central axis, and provide power guarantee for the project of the central axis.

  According to the relevant person in charge, there are currently fewer 110kV substations in the central axis area of Huadu. Previously, the power supply area of Pingshi Station was mainly powered by neighboring 220kV Tianxin Station, 110kV Gongyi Station and Fenghuang Station, resulting in heavy load, low terminal voltage and low reliability of power supply and other problems. The substation capacity could not meet the growth demand of power supply load.

  With the completion and commissioning of projects such as Huadu CBD and information technology high-tech industrial park, the electricity load will further rise. It is estimated that the 110kV decompression capacity shortage in this area will reach 99MVA. Therefore, it is necessary to build another substation.

  Nowadays, as the first station being put into operation in the central axis area, the 110kV Pingshi station can effectively alleviate the power load pressure in the central axis area, shorten the power supply radius of the 10kV line in the area, and alleviate 10kV power supply interval shortage and feeder overload, improve the typical wiring rate of 10kV lines, optimize the distribution network structure, and meet the demand for electricity in regional economic development.