The first anniversary of Guangzhou Wanda City officially launched

  Release date: 10:10, July 2, 2018

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  On the evening of June 30, "for a better Guangzhou" - 1st anniversary of the opening of Guangzhou Wanda City opened was held in Guangzhou. The Huadu District representatives, the regional leader of Sunac and Guangzhou Wanda Group leaders, Guangzhou media representatives and Guangzhou Wanda City owners representatives gathered together for the grand ceremony.

  Guangzhou to create a new situation in tourism development and light up the city's dream

  Located in Guangzhou, the core city of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, Sunac Guangzhou Wanda City is destined to promote the development of urban industry. Each wanda cultural tourism city will comprehensively enhance the commercial level and city image, upgrade city supporting construction, provide more employment opportunities, and promote the upgrading and development of urban industries. Guangzhou Wanda cultural tourism city, located in the Guangzhou Airport Economic Circle, is expected to become a world-class theme park in the near future, satisfying the growing needs of the citizens for a better life and help Guangzhou to create a new situation in the development of cultural tourism.

  From the first action in Foshan Ludao Lake in 2016, Sunac’s pioneering layout step in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen region is firm and fast. As the Chinese family's good life integration service provider, Sunac has created a series of high-end projects with its keen insight into consumer needs and the relentless pursuit of high quality. In the past two years, finished more than 30 projects in ten cities. Each project is in a tailor-made way, which integrated urban spirit and local context to create a marvelous work deeply rooted in the locality.

  Since the layout of Guangzhou, Sunac have been serving Guangzhou with high-end products and jointly marching ahead with Guangzhou. The combination of Sunac and the Wanda Group, which is the giant of China's commercial management, will inject new vitality into the Wanda Guangzhou Wanda City and create better life in Guangzhou. The development of the times keeps moving forward. The skyscrapers are constantly re-delineating the city, and the times promises well. This is a new starting point for the development of Sunac and also a mission endowed by the times.

  Leading the 8 major bushiness formats.

  Make life better and better

  When Guangzhou march ahead with advanced urban civilization, every inch of land is arare resource that cannot be renewed. What is more needed in this old city is the city cover that can empower the land, and is the operator that can drive the growth of the city. And the city of Guangzhou Wanda City has always been good at this.

  When the relevant person in charge of Wanda Group's business travel operation introduced the 8 major formats of Guangzhou Wanda City, he mentioned, as the first large-scale cultural tourism commercial complex project in the first-tier cities, it can be described as “top-of-the-line”. You can enjoy four seasons on one day in there. The largest indoor entertainment snow park in South China allows you to experience heavy snow in the south, and you can wear cotton-padded jacket in the summer. The large indoor water park is not restricted by the rain and the sun, so wearing a bikini in the winter to play the sea becomes a reality; As new industrial city, it’s the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, releasing the city's charm. The 360° immersive panoramic Yuexiu Theater takes you into the dream world of time and space; the star-rated hotel group around the central landscape lake provides a new leisure Resort style; a number of famous domestic and international bars and music brands gathered in the lakeside bar street, enjoy the carnival...Time polish the appearance of the city, and Sunac Guangzhou Wanda City create a better future for the city.

  With the warm applause of 500 guests at the scene, the event entered the most exciting part. The guests jointly poured the colored sands that symbolize a good life into the starting platform, and the first anniversary of the official opening of the Wanda City in Guangzhou, which means that the eight major formats of the project are gradually being realized. Soon, Guangzhou people can experience Wonderful, joyful, exciting, colorful and beautiful feeling beyond in the Disneyland in front of their homes. At the same time, as a cultural tourism business card in Guangzhou, Sunac Guangzhou Wanda City will become the best choice for people's tourism in South China and even the whole country, creating about 35,000 jobs, promoting the development of urban tourism economy and blending with other regions, thus promoting the upgrade of urban industries.