China (Shiling) King Pangu Folk Culture Festival 2019 to Open on Sept. 9

  Today’s Huadu News: To further raise people's awareness of the protection of intangible cultural heritage, inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, and create a good social atmosphere for intangible cultural heritage protection, the China (Shiling) King Pangu Folk Culture Festival 2019 is held on September 9- September 10 (lunar calendar, August 11 to 12) in the King Pangu Park in Shiling Town.

  This year is the eighth year of King Pangu Folk Culture Festival. This year's King Pangu Folk Culture Festival will held in a way that organically integrate the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage projects with Pangu culture, further integrate cultural tourism and sports resources and continue to focus on the concept of “openly holding festival”, “specially holding festival” and “holding festival for the benefits of people”, pay attention to the participation of the masses, committed to return festival to the people, make the folk back to the people and the people share happiness.

  Ten activities

  Increase the degree of participation in folk activities

  Since 2012, through the efforts to build King Pangu Folk Culture Festival, Huadu King Pangu 's birthday blessing activity held by folk organizations has been promoted to the city and district level, which not only improves the scale of the activity, but also further improves the inheritance and promotion of Pangu culture , and has been one of the five cultural cards of the Huadu District together with “heavenly king”, “Huadu chorus”, “Guangzhou overseas Chinese hometown”, and “Huadu ancient village”.

  This year's folk culture festival with the theme of “worship Pangu & pray for eternal prosperity” will launch ten activities including “Pangu Spirit”- Huadu District martial arts performance, Shiling town “celebrating King Pangu's birthday, greeting Mid-Autumn festival” art show, “Cantonese opera stage”- Excellent Cantonese opera exhibition and performance, “Singing Pangu with folk song”- Shiling King Pangu Hakka folk song performance, “All the people celebrating Pangu's birthday”- spontaneous worship to King Pangu by the masses, “Colorful intangible cultural heritage”- Intangible cultural heritage viewing exhibition, “Pray for and accept good luck”- Pray for good luck under the wishing tree in front of King Pangu 's temple, “to be the lion king”- Huadu District 13th lion dance elite competition 2019, and others. These actives aim to make people masses feel the unique charm of local humanistic spirit, folk customs and artistic activities, and carry forward Pangu's spirit of "creating the world and daring to be the first", and highlight the role of intangible cultural heritage in meeting people's growing needs for a better life, and carry out extensive publicity and exhibition activities of intangible cultural heritage that are popular with the people and have strong experience, so as to enhance the influence and radiation of Guangzhou as "one District, one brand".

  It is learned that this year's King Pangu Folk Culture Festival will continue to hold worship ceremony, blessing for eternal prosperity, worship by singing and dancing, reading eulogy, reading “King Pangu Ode” by children, lotus dance and other programs. All the nearly 300 dancers in the program are from Liannan song and dance troupe, Guangzhou College of Technology and Business, Huadu District cultural center training center and Huadu District affiliated school. the relevant responsible person in the District Culture, Broadcast and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau said that in addition to the usual fixed ceremonies, various performances will be added to this year’s King Pangu folk culture festival, including artistic performance, martial arts display, lion dance contest, etc., so as to make more people participate in the festival in a more down-to-earth way and enhance the whole degree of participation in the folk culture festival.

  Intangible cultural heritage exhibition

  Carrying forward the history and culture of Huadu

  In recent years, the scale of folk culture festival is getting more bigger, the level is getting more higher, the brand is getting more louder, and the influence is getting more wider, realizing the effective integration and mutual promotion of cultural inheritance and economic development. This year, the scale of the event will be more higher and larger to welcome visitors from all over the world. After the opening ceremony, all kinds of activities will be staged one after another with constant splendidness. First, on the morning of September 9, “Pangu Spirit” - Huadu District martial arts exhibition, and “Cantonese opera stage”- Excellent Cantonese opera exhibition and performance will be held in King Pangu Park, in which, the excellent martial arts from Huadu District and the local Cantonese opera stars will bring the masses a martial arts and folk art form performance that integrate ornamental, artistic and competitive characteristics. Second, “Colorful intangible cultural heritage”- Intangible cultural heritage exhibition. In addition to showing intangible cultural heritage projects in our District(clay sculpture, enamel, Gold-nailed embroidered dres, bonsai joint exhibition, miniascape, folk arts and display and make folk handicrafts related to King Pangu),some national, provincial or Guangzhou intangible projects are invited to jointly exhibit (copperware making, leather carving, olive carving, annatto palace lantern, bone carving) and so on, so as to further enrich the festival culture of the masses, enrich the festival life of the whole district, accelerate the construction of a happy Huadu that is suitable for living, working and traveling. Third, On September 10, Shiling Town government will hold an art show in Pangu Park to celebrate King Pangu's birthday and the Mid-Autumn festival, i.e. “Singing Pangu with folk song”- Shiling King Pangu Hakka folk song performance. By carrying out a series of colorful activities such as folk custom experience and blessing tour, the brand of "King Pangu Culture" will be enhanced, the profound historical culture of Huadu will be carried forward, and the overall cultural connotation of the city will be enhanced.

  In the future, Huadu District will continue to make efforts to explore the profound connotation of King Pangu culture, build King Pangu festival folk culture brand, and expand its influence, making it become a beautiful business card for propaganda Huadu and promotion Shiling.