Industries Plan

  Huadu has a fairly developed manufacturing sector. Its automotive industry records an output value of over 100 billion yuan, producing and selling more than 1 million completed vehicles a year; its traditional industries, such as leather products, electronic and audio products, and jewelry, are now in fast track of transition; while its airport related industry, headquarters economy, trade and cultural tourism and other modern service industries are zooming. The District's capacity of innovation is in the rise, having been awarded the title of National Outstanding District in Science and Technology Advancement for two consecutive times, and being the only administrative division of Guangzhou city that made the list of the first batch of National Demonstration Zone for the Program of Developing County through Intellectual Properties.

  As the home to an international aviation hub, Huadu play an essential part in the northern part of Guangzhou to amass high-end elements and to influence and lead neighboring areas, and as such it is well positioned to develop high-end industries. Leveraging opportunities offered by the building of an international aviation hub and the "interaction between airway and railway", and following the space layout plan of "One Axis, Four Belts, and Multiple Clusters", Huadu is now posed to position itself in the global industrial chain, to further implement the strategy of "aviation hub plus high-end industry", to improve the quality and benefit of the supply system by optimizing its industrial structure, and to build high-end industrial bases.

  One Axis, Four Belts, and Multiple Clusters

  In light of resource endowments and industrial foundation of the region, a space layout plan has been made that consists of One Axis, Four Belts, and Multiple Clusters. The objective is to build an urban space development system that will connect with the Greater Guangzhou and facilitate the development of the whole region.

  One Axis means the central axis of the District, which will be the main front where expansion and quality improvement of the District will occur. Emphasis in this area will be placed on headquarters economy, incubation of sci-tech companies, financial and insurance industry, e-commerce and WeChat commerce, cultural tourism and other modern service industries to create a "City Lounge".

  Four Belts refer to four feature development zones, including three industrial belts in the east, center, and west parts of the District, and one ecological leisure and protection belt in the north.

  Multiple Clusters refer to a group of 6 industry clusters, namely advanced manufacturing; e-commerce, WeChat commerce, and new-and high-tech industries; business and trade; Huadu international startup and innovation park; modern logistics and aviation supplies; and urban leisure tourism.

  Central axis

  The area planned covers 46 km2, stretching from Xinya Street in the south and ending with Furongzhang Reservoir in the north.

  Recreational Business District (RBD) south of Huadu Lake

  Located in the southern part of Huadu District's downtown with a planned area of 20 km2, this is the part of Huadu that is nearest to the urban area of Guangzhou city. To its east is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and to its west is Guangzhou North Railway Station, a high-speed railway network hub. It takes only about half hour to reach downtown Guangzhou. Upon its completion, this will emerge as a new lakeside urban area of Huadu, where its high-end supporting facilities, and excellent eco-system will make it ideal for both living and business.

  Huadu international startup and Innovation Park is one of the centerpieces of development in the area south of Huadu Lake. With a planned area of about 5.33 km², the park will be built into a base to harbor headquarters of mainly fashion and creative companies, where they can do research and development, display and sell their products, engage in high-end manufacturing, and building their brands.

  Central Business District (CBD) in Downtown

  Huadu's CBD is at the middle of the District's central axis, just north of the administration center. With a planned area of 7.66 km2, this will be a complex of CBD and cultural tourism in the north of Guangzhou. The CBD's core area will be dedicated to four major functions, namely, headquarters economy, commerce and office, e-commerce and WeChat commerce, and green finance.

  It has already had in it Auchan Commercial Center, Huadu People's Hospital, Wanda Cultural Tourism City, Sibu, and other quality service projects.

  East: Airport Economy Innovative Industry belt

  Located in the northwest of the core section, and with a planned area of 200 km2, this is an important component of Guangzhou airport economy zone. A creative, open, green and harmony aviation metropolis centering Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport will be created in the spirit of innovation for Guangzhou.

  Airport business section

  This is located southwest to the airport. According to the plan, it will be the home to aviation headquarters business section, Guangzhou international brand headquarters core section, 2.5 headquarters industrial park, Huadu aviation town, and other functional sections. The focus of development will be on aviation company base, headquarters economy, commerce and office buildings, tourism and shopping, finance, high-end hotels and dwelling houses, and other high-end service industries related to airport. Shenzhen Airlines Guangzhou company, Hainan Airlines Guangzhou company, Greenland Airport International, Longhao Aviation headquarters, Guangzhou Airport City headquarters, Meihua Aviation, among others, have chosen to go aboard.

  New and High Technology (Aviation) Industry Park

  Located in Huadong Town, northeast to the airport. On the basis of the aviation repair and manufacturing base in Huadu, Guangzhou, attention will be focused on manufacturing of aviation supplies, MRO, manufacturing and service of aircraft parts, among others, with the objective to create a national industry base for manufacturing and service of aircraft parts; and on the basis of the airport's new and high technology (optoelectronic) industry base, electronic and information, LED, biomedicine, and other advanced manufacturing industries will be developed. ST Aerospace, Honglitronic, Orion Food and other companies have settled in the Park.

  Guangzhou Airport Intentional Logistics Park

  Located in Huadong Town, north to Baiyun Airport. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Middle Section) will be utilized for the development of bonded logistics, air freight forwarding, warehouse, express transshipment, cross-border e-commerce, logistics information, and other service industries. It has attracted FedEx Asia-Pacific Transshipment Center, DHL, TNT, Cainiao smart logistic network, SF Express, Baiyun International Logistics, and other well-known aviation logistics or cross-border e-commerce companies from home and abroad.

  Middle: Guangzhou North Railway Station Commercial Business Belt

  The Belt starts from the business section of Guangzhou North Railway Station in the south, and ends with Shiling leather industry base in the north.

  Building on the advantages offered by the North Station as a transport hub, the North Station TBD will focus on such industries as e-commerce, consulting services, wholesale, convention and trade, catering, retail, hotels, and transport logistics, to become a transport hub business section with a cluster of modern service industries.

  Guangzhou North Railway Station TBD

  Located in mid-south of Huadu District, with a planned area of 10 km2. Building on the advantages offered by the North Station as a transport hub, it will focus on such industries as e-commerce, consulting services, wholesale, convention and trade, catering, retail, hotels, and transport logistics, to become a high-end business section with a cluster of modern service industries.

  Comprehensive Development Section for Rail Transit

  This Section is in the mid-north part of Huadu District. With CRRC's high power locomotive service and manufacturing base as the centerpiece, the Section will mainly attract companies that will offer support in such fields as annual overhaul of high power electronic locomotive, assembly and installation of new locomotives, manufacturing of special parts for railway stocks, service and maintenance supplies, consumable equipment, warehouse and logistics.

  Market Purchase Trade Pilot Program Section

  Located in the middle of Huadu District, and close to the CBD that is at the District's axis. Seizing the opportunity offered by the implementation of market purchase trade program, the District will rally its traditional industries of competitiveness, and rely on such project platforms as leather products, jewelry, electronics and audio products to build itself into an import and export base, and a foreign trade hub in the Pearl River Delta.

  West: Advanced Manufacturing Industry Belt

  Located in the drainage basin of Bajiang, a river in the west of Huadu, this Belt has as its feature high-end and new technologies. Its main focus is on automotive and new-energy vehicles, core parts for new energy industry, new materials, high power locomotive, biomedicine, medical device, and other advanced equipment manufacturing industries. This will be a high-end manufacturing industry base that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and supporting services.

  Automotive and Spare Parts Industry Base

  Guangzhou Huadu Automotive and Spare Parts Industry Base is in the southwest of the District, with a planned area of 15 km2.

  The Base has already formed a complete automotive industry value chain that integrates enterprises, academia, and research institutes. More than 160 companies have settled in it or are under construction; it has 1 international automotive R&D center, 3 national-level enterprise technology centers/R&D institutes, and 10 province-level enterprise technology centers. In its own industry, it ranks first in terms of output in Guangdong, and is number 1 in terms of scientific and technological innovation capacity and technical level in South China.

  Huadu International Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Park

  The Park is located in southwest of Huadu District, with a planned area of 24 km2. The objective is to build an advanced equipment manufacturing model base centering new-energy vehicle and intelligent equipment.

  North: Ecological Tourism and Protection Belt

  As its name indicates, Huadu, which literally means "city of flower", is a beautiful place, where mountains, waters, forestry, croplands, and flowers abound. It also has a long and rich history, and numerous scenic and historical attractions. Great efforts have been made in the development of modern urban agriculture, tourism and vacation, health resort, and other sorts of ecological and leisure lures, aiming to build an important ecological reserve, a demonstration zone for Beautiful Countryside program, and a tourism resort in the north of Pearl River Delta.

  Modern Urban Agriculture

  Agricultural and ecological resources of Chini, Tanbu, and northern Shiling Town are to be integrated for ecoagriculture demonstration zone, and for modern urban agriculture, thereby Huadu will have a beautiful countryside.

  Health resort

  Based on the excellent eco-environment conditions, a greater health industry consisting of food (healthy food), care (elderly care), and service (health service) will come into being.