We have further strengthened the protection and carrying forward of historical and cultural heritages with stronger cultural confidence. The construction of public cultural service system made solid progress. In 2022, the new Huadu District Library was officially put into use, the Children and Youth Library opened to the public, the building of Huadu Grand Theatre, Digital Culture and Creativity Park, and new Guangzhou Folk Museum was moving forward steadily, and the supervision was completed of 237 grass-roots comprehensive cultural service centers to improve quality and efficiency. In-depth rectification was implemented. Huadu District Cultural Heritage Administration, concurrently as Huadu District Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade, was established; a heritage protection system was formulated; and a heritage safety inspection mechanism was put into operation. "Two lines (protection line and construction limit line)” was decided for 45 district-level historical and cultural site protected, archives were made for 12 revolutionary cultural relics, and cultural relics of 11 ancient villages have been put into renewed use. We have successfully built red cultural bases such as the former site of the first farmers' association in Huaxian County and the relic site of the founding meeting of the Fourth Division of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army; and the latter was listed in the "Ninth Batch of Patriotic Education Bases in Guangzhou". The innovative development of intangible cultural heritages was promoted. We have set forth a system for the protection of intangible cultural heritages (ICH) and improved the ICH four-level list system. We built a digital ICH library in Huadu District, launched Guangzhou’s first VR exhibition hall of "Freehand drawing + ICH" on the cloud, held a series of special exhibitions in 2022 under "Make Acquaintance with Intangible Cultural Heritages”, promoted and promoted the "five entries (to communities, enterprises, schools, villages, and families)" of ICH, and showcased in all aspects 30 ICH projects of the District. Guangzhou Gray Sculpture (Social Science Popularization Base) was awarded the title of "Excellent Social Science Popularization Base of Guangdong Province" and listed in the second batch of research and practice education bases for primary and secondary school students in Guangzhou. The creation of fine arts and cultural works was enhanced. The original song "Lingnan Family" and the drama “A Battle of Wits between Stubborn Father in Law and Son in Law" were awarded the Excellent Work Award in the 2021 Guangzhou Mass Literary and Artistic Works Competition, and the mini Cantonese opera “Homecoming of A’shan" was awarded a third prize in the 2021 Guangdong Mass Literary and Artistic Works Competition.

  We have been committed to promotion of integrated development of tourism and culture, trying to shape tourism with culture and highlight culture with tourism. Huadu District successfully became a demonstration area of whole-region tourism in Guangdong Province. CTG · Aranya Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort Project Broke Ground officially. The "Travel in Guangdong for Countryside Rhyme" was awarded as a national excellent rural tourism route; the Fragrance Realm - Habitat Creek project was selected as a typical case of empowering rural revitalization with cultural industry in Guangdong Province in 2022; Baosang Garden and Chini Circular Economy Industrial Park were successfully recognized as national 3A-level tourist attractions; and Zhudong Village was successfully named as a village with cultural and tourism characteristics in Guangdong Province. Cultural and tourism activities were carefully organized and planed for the people. Cultural entities in the District held 712 cultural activities online and offline, 29 thematic exhibitions, 89 ICH school visits, 51 book delivery trips to the countryside, 55 public lectures and 177 training sessions, benefiting about 870,000 people. The construction of spiritual civilization was enhanced. We have been pushing the national reading campaign, during which 1,370 volunteer service activities were carried out with a total of 136,590 volunteer service hours to benefited 880,000 people.

  We have insisted on promoting high-quality development of sports through innovations. Abundant mass sports activities were held The District successfully held the “ Welcome the Winter Olympics in the Flowering Southern City - the First Greater Bay Area Ice and Snow Culture Festival" and the First Guangzhou Summer Ice and Snow Sports Culture Festival cum the Second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau-Great Bay Area Skiing Elite Challenge. And we are in active preparation for the Ninth Huadu District Youth Games. Public fitness program was guaranteed with strong services. We built our first outdoor intelligent gymnasium, upgraded the fitness trail in People's Park and completed our 230-kilometer share of Guangzhou suburban hiking road project. And we did a good job in venue support for home games of Guangzhou team in the 2022 Chinese Super League. Good news of competitive sports came in continuously. Athletes from the District won 51 gold medals this year. Our ice hockey players made their debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and helped Team China become a champion in the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships. Players from Huadu also contributed to the gold medal of Team Guangdong in the 2022 National Men's Water Polo Championship. The integration of sports and education was actively promoted. A combined effort with the District Bureau of Education was made to plan and build 19 schools of the District that were known for their tradition in characteristic sports into sports reserve talent training bases in accordance with the guideline of "integrating sports and education, and basing District teams on schools".

    Supervision over law enforcement was enhanced to welcome new breakthroughs in regulating cultural tourism and sports markets. A tight network of epidemic prevention and control was woven for recreational places. Nine supervisory groups were created to perform "four in one" inspection and supervision of 1330 recreational places of the District; by the end of October, 3763 people-times were deployed to conduct 9342 inspection visits at cultural tourism and sports venues. Inspections for law enforcement were strengthened. The Bureau was awarded by the National Copyright Administration as 2021 decorated unit for investigating and handling major infringement and piracy cases. The construction of the District’s emergency broadcasting system was pushed forward. Now it has been fully realized that 53 items of administrative licensing matters can be processed online. Safety protection was provided to nucleic acid testing and vaccination sites. The Bureau has provided support to complete over 251,000 nucleic acid tests in 112 sessions, and over 185,500 doses of vaccination in 378 sessions.