Huadu District Overview

Regional overview

Administrative changes: Huadu District (formerly Hua County) was under the jurisdiction of Panyu County in the Han Dynasty, Nanhai County in the Sui Dynasty, and both Panyu and Nanhai after the Song Dynasty. In the 25thyear of the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1686), some areas of Nanhai and Panyu counties were set aside for establishing a county. Because the county seat is near Huashan, the county is named "Hua County", which was under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou government, with Wang Yongming, the governor of Sanshui County being transferred to be the first governor of Hua County. During the period of the Republic of China, Hua County’s jurisdiction was repeatedly changed. On October 13, 1949, Hua County was liberated and was put under the jurisdiction of Jiangbei Prefecture. In December of the same year, it was put the jurisdiction of Pearl River Prefecture. In 1952 and 1956, it was put under the jurisdiction of Northern Guangdong Administrative Region and Foshan Prefecture respectively. In November 1958, a number of the communes in the suburbs of Guangzhou was incorporated into Hua County and the County was renamed "Guangbei County". In March of the following year, the County renamed Hua County. On April 20, 1960, it was designated as a municipal county of Guangzhou. On June 18, 1993, the State Council approved the revocation of Hua County and the establishment of a city named "Huadu City" (county-level city), which was directly under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, and was managed by Guangzhou City on behalf Guangdong Province, with the former administrative district of Hua County as the administrative district of Huadu City. On May 21, 2000, the State Council approved the revocation of Huadu City and the establishment of Guangzhou Huadu District, with the administrative district remaining unchanged.

[Geographical location] Located at the northern edge of Guangzhou City, Huadu District is at a place of 23 ° 14 ′ 01 ″~23 ° 37 ′ 01 ″ N, 112 ° 57 ′ 06 ″~113 ° 28 ′ 10 ″ E, with a total area of 970.04 square kilometers. It is adjacent to Conghua District of Guangzhou City in the east, Baiyun District of Guangzhou in the south, Sanshui District and Nanhai District of Foshan City in the west, and Qingyuan City in the north. Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Wu-Guangzhou Passenger line run through the whole District, while Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Xuchang-Guangzhou Expressway, Airport expressway, Lechang-Guangzhou Expressway, Daqing - Guangzhou Expressway, Pearl River Delta Loop Expressway and Shenyang - Haikou Expressway form the north-south and east-west expressway network in Huadu. Liuxi River in the east and Bajiang River (Baini River) in the west join the Pearl River in the south, and ships may sail directly to Hong Kong and Macao. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, one of the three major air traffic hubs in China, is located in Huadu District.