Economy of Huadu

【Overview】Confronted by the triple pressure of declined demand, supply shock, and weakened expectation and the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in 2022, Huadu District fully implemented the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, resolutely carried out the important instructions to "contain the pandemic , stable the economy, and develop safely", and under the strong leadership of the provincial, municipal and district party committees, managed to withstood the pressure on economic and social development. The District reported 177.08 billion yuan GDP in the year, down 1.1 percent from the previous year. To be specific, the added value of the primary industry was 5.206 billion yuan, up by 4.4 percent, that of the secondary industry was 76.220 billion yuan, down by 3.3 percent, and that of the tertiary industry was 95.654 billion yuan, up by 0.3 percent.

【Economic Development】The intelligent new energy automobile town in the western part of Huadu District flourished in 2022. Dongfeng Nissan became the first joint venture car company in China that achieved 15 million vehicle sales, and Dongfeng Venucia's settled and started it new energy transition project with a production capacity of 200,000 vehicles. The first-phase of the South China R&D Center of ZF Group, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies and a global leading auto parts enterprise; was topped off; the first phase of the intelligent vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system project was completed; a number of new projects gathered in Huadu, including ZF's first automotive electronics factory in Guangzhou, the South China headquarters of JoulWatt Technology in analog chip industry, HoloMatic Technology in autonomous driving; and Faurecia, Valeo, Marelli and many others increased capital investment for capacity expansion. Now an intelligent new energy vehicle industry chain has took shape. The airport-based digital intelligence port in the east is ready to take off. A number of projects have been put into operation, such as the aircraft accessories and maintenance base of Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd (GAMECO) , Phase I of Asia No. 1, south china aviation hub of SF Express, and Guangzhou Aviation Cross-border Industrial Park; investment contracts have been signed for a bunch of 10-billion-revenue projects such as J&T's Greater Bay Area Digital Supply Chain Industrial Park; and a number of projects have gather in the District, including Equinox's biomedical headquarters, Jiacheng International Cargo Airlines, and Hongming Supply Chain. The air cargo, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing and other airport-based industries have gathered into clusters. The demonstration zone for airway-railway integrated development in the center has made new achievements. The construction of Power China Science and Technology Innovation Center in the Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou North Railway Station Duty-free Commercial Complex, Huadu Digital Cultural and Creative Park, Shiling Fashion Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and others were accelerating; the luggage and leather goods industry cluster in Shiling Town was shortlisted for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2022 list of small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial clusters. Headquarters economy, ice and snow economy, fashion economy, and cultural tourism economy have emerged as new growth points. Contracts were signed for 150 new projects throughout the year, an increase of 44%, including 10 investment projects of Fortune Global 500 and China's top 500 companies. 37 projects, including that of CTS Aranya Jiulong Lake, broke ground, 20 projects, including those of Huitian New Materials and Fawa, were topped off, 44 projects, including those of China COSCO Shipping, GTD Lighting and Guangleng Huaxu were newly completed, and 22 projects, including those of Oriental Yuhong and Simpact Technology, were newly put into production.

【Reform and innovation】 In 2022, Huadu District drafted a series of policy documents, including the Implementation Plan to Support Huadu District in Building the Growth Pole in Northern Guangzhou, List of Matters and Policies for Supporting Huadu District in Building the Growth Pole in Northern Guangzhou, and List of Key Projects for Supporting Huadu District in Building the Growth Pole in Northern Guangzhou. Over 10 square kilometers were delivered for the third phase of the expansion project of Baiyun Airport; the Kongtie Avenue (phase 1) was completed and opened to traffic; and accelerated progress has been made in the construction of Guangzhou-Foshan West Ring Intercity (Guangzhou North-Foshan West section), Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity (Guangzhou Baiyun-Guangzhou North section), Guangzhou East to Huadu Tiangui Intercity, Fangcun to Baiyun Airport Intercity. The Guangzhou Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone, with Huadu at its core, has ranked first in the country for four consecutive times, and a plan for upgrading the Pilot Zone to a demonstration zone has been submitted to the State Council. China Emissions Exchange Guangzhou ranks first among the national pilot markets in terms of cumulative volume of quota transactions; the District became the first in the country to release s carbon credit report, and the first in the province to establish corporate carbon accounts; and Huadu Rural Commercial Bank was upgraded to a green branch. The District led in the country to launch aquaculture seed and seedling insurance, reported the largest scale of agricultural insurance premiums in the city, and saw its new loans to enterprise hit a record high. The business environment is full of highlights. With the release of "10 Measures to Reduce the Costs in the Manufacturing Industry", "49 Measures for the Recovery and Development of The Service Industry”, and other relief measures, it is expected that 7 billion yuan will be achieved in tax and fee reduction, tax refund and tax and fee deferrals throughout the year. 7.421 billion yuan credit line was given to key enterprises as support, and more than 60 million yuan of rental was reductions. During the implementation of the "26 Pro-business and Enterprise Measures", services by dedicated team were offered to solve the problems of a number of enterprises such as Hitachi Automotive, Valeo, Unipres, and Guoguang, in handling the real estate property rights certificates. 94 "One Thing" themed service packages were launched; "Inter-field government services" were offered to 2,266 items, and "tolerant acceptance" was applied to 240 items. The District created the country's first "rural household credit green code" system, and built the city's first joint commercial mediation center; and the experience of the District in "cross-agencies joint handling of 4 certificates in construction project approval" was promoted in the city. The innovation ability has been effectively improved. The output value of high-tech enterprises is nearly 190 billion yuan, ranking third in the city. Guangzhou Airport Maker Space was recognized as a national record maker space. 1 listed company, 2 national specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative (SRDI) "Little Giant" enterprises, 15 provincial SRDI small and medium-sized enterprises, 410 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises were added to the District; and 349 companies were recognized as high-tech enterprises, setting a record high. There are 3 new provincial technology centers, and 4 enterprises won the second prize of the Provincial Science and Technology Award. Dingtian Technology was included in the fifth batch of national industrial design centers. Over 10,000 patents were awarded; 1 company was awarded the Excellence Award of WIPO-CNIPA Awards, and 2 companies were awarded the Guangdong Patent Award. Huadu (Leather and Leather Goods) Fast IPR Protection Service Center ranks first among its kind in the country in terms of the number of pre-examination and authorization cases. 5,210 talent green cards were issued.

【Rural Revitalization】 In 2022, the agricultural gross output value reached 9.090 billion yuan, up by 6.2%. In December, Huadu District's application was approved to build a national demonstration zone for healthy and ecological aquaculture. The District participated, on behalf of Guangzhou, in the 3rd "Rural Revitalization Competition of Guangdong" and advanced to the next round as the group champion in the group stage. Two provincial-level agricultural industrial parks for flowers and fisheries have been built in an all-round way, leading in the city building progress; and 10 new "vegetable basket" production (processing) bases in the Greater Bay Area have been newly added. The District ranked first in the city for a second time in the evaluation of high-standard farmland construction. On December 14, the Center of Agro-product Safety and Quality of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced that Huadu's blueberry, fig, watercress, red tilapia, and California perch were selected into the third batch of national famous and excellent new agricultural products, and corresponding certificates were issued. 35 administrative villages of the District have reached the provincial standard of characteristic boutique villages, and 170 administrative villages have reached the provincial standard of beautiful and livable villages. Ruiling Village was recognized as a National Village with A Characteristic Industry of Over 100 Million Yuan, Zhudong Village was recognized as a Provincial Village with Cultural and Tourism Characteristics, and Longtou Village was included into the list of typical cases of the program of "A Thousands Enterprises Help A Thousands Towns and Ten Thousand Enterprises Support Ten Thousand Villages" in the province. The "Charm Discovering Tour in Guangdong Villages" was awarded the National Rural Tourism Boutique Route, the "Blossoming Years" Rural Revitalization Demonstration Belt was rated as one of the top ten “Beautiful Villages” boutique routes in the province, and the Land of Fragrance-Qixidi was selected as a provincial typical case of rural revitalization empowered by the cultural industry. Lu Zhaohui, a large fish farmer, won a second prize in the "Great Country Farmer" National Farmer Skills Competition.