Economy of Huadu

  Huadu's economic showed great resilience in 2021. The regional GDP recorded a 6.6% growth. The District reported 276.897 billion yuan in total industrial production of enterprises above designated size, ranking third in the city, with a year-on-year growth of 4.2%; 8.627 billion yuan in general public budgets, an increase by 1.6%; a growth of 12.8% in fixed assets investments; 71.384 billion yuan in total retail sales of consumer goods, an increase by 10.7%; 0.242 billion yuan in actually utilized foreign investments, an increase of 5.2 folds; and 87.4 billion yuan in total value of import and export, an increase by 5.3%. Huadu Automobile Industry Base was recognized as a provincial new and high technology industrial development zone, Guangzhou Huadu Economic Development Zone (Automobile) was approved to be included in the first batch of characteristic industrial parks in Guangdong, Lan-You Zhilian, HoloMatic Technology and others signed agreements to place their headquarters in Huadu, and the settlement of Maruili Automotive Electronic's R&D headquarters was finalized. GAMECO Phase III hangar was completed, and G3 Hangar of ST Aerospace, Phase I of Meihua Aviation, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Biomedical Industry Park were put into operation. The main work of Phase 1 project of Jiesai Science and Technology Industrial Park is progressing smoothly, and that of the second phase of Honglitronic's new type LED backlight display project has been capped off; Mean Well (Guangzhou) Electronics has been included in the statistical scope of Huadu; and the construction of Huadu Digital Cultural Creative Park has started officially. Sunac Grand Theatre was officially opened; the first Greater Bay Area Ice and Snow Culture Festival was launched in Huadu; the construction of Guangzhou North Railway Station duty-free commercial complex, a project with a total investment of 13.6 billion yuan, has officially begun. All these signify that ice and snow business, duty-free business and fashion business are becoming new growth areas. Contracts were signed for 104 projects including JD Greater Bay Area Smart City, realizing the goal of "3 hundred-billions”; in particular, the total investment increased by 139% over the previous year to 259.3 billion yuan. 40 key industrial projects, including the one of Yuhu Cold Chain, were launched, with a total investment of 25.5 billion quanta number of major projects, including the first phase of Oriental Yuhong's Building Materials Huadu Production Base, have been put into operation’s South China R&D headquarters and other 30 projects have acquired land successfully through auction. These projects have a total investment of 29.5 billion yuan, an increase of 120%.