Investment Environment

  Air transport hub + integrated network

  With Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station connected by subway, intercity rail, thruway, light rail, and other means to facilitate quick transit in as little as 10 minutes, and enable air-railway combined transport, Huadu District has emerged as an international transport hub and a foreign trade platform, serving as a cooperation portal through which Guangzhou can lead the Pearl River Delta, influence South China, and reach the rest of the world.

  Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

  As one of the three major air transport hubs of China, it handled 59.78 million passengers and 1.65 million tons of goods in 2016. The airport’s 309 air routes (160 domestic and 149 international) have access to more than 200 airports in the world, and everyday there are over 1000 flights to 207 destinations scattered in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Located at the center of the Asia-Pacific region, the airport offers passenger the quickest way to reach Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and ASEAN countries.

  Guangzhou North Railway Station

  With a daily passenger traffic of about 50,000, the Station connects Beijing–Guangzhou Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Rail, Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity Rail, Lines 8 and 9 of Guangzhou Metro, Guangzhou-Foshan Intercity Ring Rail, and Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen Intercity Rail among others. Guangzhou North Railway Station will serve as the terminal station for Guangzhou-Heyuan High-speed Rail and Guangzhou-Zhanjiang High-speed Rail. Upon its completion, the station will have 18 platforms and 37 tracks for ordinary railways, high-speed rails, intercity rails, and Metro lines, and become a large comprehensive transport hub of the Asia-Pacific region.

  Environment • Supporting facilities


  Huadu has a long and rich history, is home to the Former Home of Hong Xiuquan, which is a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level, the Memorial Museum of Hong Xiuquan, the Memorial Temple of Royal Consultant, which is also the site of Guangzhou Folk Museum, and numerous other scenic and historical attractions.

  Huadu's folk culture is colorful, including Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Guanyin's Birthday, Pangu King Folk Culture Festival, to name just a few.

  Pangu King Folk Culture Festival has been accepted as an intangible cultural heritage at the provincial level. In addition to such traditional activities as Snatching the Big Firework, Prayer for Blessings, Joss Sticks Burning, and Pangu Dance, many new ones have been introduced, including "Mountain Songs for Pangu King--Hakka Mountain Songs Competition of Shiling Town", and "Colorful Folk Culture--Gallery of Folk Culture and Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritages.


  With the cultural tourism city as the spearhead, efforts will be made to built tourism and vacation resorts with Huadu characteristic, by leveraging provincial scenic areas such as Wanzi Mountain Forest Park, Furong Vacation Resort, Pangu King Park, and Vanilla World, and integrating other local tourism resources, including Hongshan Village, the most beautiful mountain village in Guangzhou, Jiulong Lake Vacation Zone, Stone Mineral Park, Gaobaizhang area in Timian Town, Baosang Park, Mucuna Birdwoodiana Base, and Oriental Cherry Base.

  On the basis of the excellent ecological environment, rich cultural endowments, and other unique resources of Huadu, a plan has been made under the guidance of "distinct industries, excellent ecological environment, and rich cultural features" to build 10 small towns that excel in production, living, and ecosystem, including ecological tourism town of Timian, jewelry town of Xiuquan, little town of Huashan, Huadu green finance town, e-commerce start-ups town of Xinhua, fashion town of Shiling, Jiuqu River green town of Chini, Lingnan ancient village town of Tanbu, agriculture and education town of Huadong, and scientific innovation dream town of Xinya.

  A perfectly livable place with complete range of amenities.


  Grandbuy, Wanda, and other ten plus modern large commercial complexes in Huadu allow its people to enjoy the easiness and grace offered by one-stop shopping experience.

  Culture and Sports

  Huadu has much to offer to enrich the lives of people living here; there are multiple public parks, including Huadu Lake Par, People's Park, Huaguoshan Park, Ma'anshan Park, Children's Park, and Fei'eling Park; two large recreational places, Huadu Plaza, and New Century Plaza; a number of large multi-functional sports venues, including Huadu Sports Center, Huadu Gymnasium, and Dongfeng Gymnasium; and numerous cultural activity places, such as Former Home, and Memorial Museum, of Hong Xiuquan, District Children's Library, Guangzhou Folk Museum, District Museum, New Library, and Huadua Young Children's Palace.


  With green mountains and clear waters, Huadu is an environmentally beautiful place to live and to do business. Scattered along the Shanqian Avenue that runs through the District from east to west are more than 10 high-end housing projects enjoying scenic view of mountains and waters, including Jiulong Lake Project of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Taohuayuan Project of Greentown, Meilinhu International Community, and Holiday Islands of Country Garden.


  A whole range of hotels of every grade, including five-star ones such as Sheraton Resort, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jiulong Lake Princess Hotel, Pullman Airport Hotel, and even the six-star Wanda Reign Hotel, will satisfy needs of different groups of people with services that can make them feel at home.


  As a star play in advancing modern education, Huadu has a complete education system, from primary schools way up to higher education institutions. Provision of talents to companies and the society as a whole is fully guaranteed by 12 higher education institutions, including Guangdong Peizheng College, and SCUT Guangzhou College, and a host of primary schools and secondary schools, in particular, Affiliated Primary School and Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, Affiliated Primary School and Affiliated High School of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Affiliated High School of Guangzhou University, Xiuquan Middle School, Guangzhou Yew Wah International Education School, Huanggang Middle School.

  Medical service

  Huadu now has 1 Class A tertiary hospital, Guangzhou Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine Hospital; 1 Class B tertiary hospital, Huadu District People's Hospital (Huadu Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University); 2 Class A secondary hospitals, Huzhong Hospital and Hudu District No. 2 People's Hospital; 6 Class A primary hospitals. Plan has been made to build or upgrade the new campus of People's Hospital, Renji Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Provincial Dental Hospital, Guangzhou Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine Hospital, and District No. People's Hospital, in order to provide comprehensive medical and healthcare services to the people.

  Efficient, high-quality, earnest and comprehensive policies and services

  Highly efficient government services

  Centralized business promotion has been achieved for the whole District to amass and optimize resources available for the purpose, making the work of business promotion more standard compliant and well regulated.

  "One portal, one network" mode of government service; complete and functional online services hall.

  Actively engaged in creation and improvement of coordination mechanisms and approval green channels for major projects, and actively promote the "three concentrates and three readys" initiative.

  Guangzhou Huadu District Plan on Facilitating the Launch and Construction of Major Industrial Projects, and Guangzhou Huadu District Plan on Expediting the Initiation of Major Transport Projects have been formulated and put into practice; and efforts have been made to promote in all respects the agent services.

  As part of the effort to launch, construct, and put into operation major projects as soon as possible, the system of agent service for major projects has been introduced; and such projects are to be closely followed to provide all necessary services in the whole process.

  Great ease of doing business

  A market-oriented, law-based, and internationalized business environment, and one of the regions that have the least approval requirements, simplest procedure, and highest efficiency

  Take care, respect, and protect entrepreneurs under the "friendly" and "transparent" new type of government-business relation.

  Supports are offered through an integrated service system, which includes complete and functional provision of land, industrial support, financial services, and preferential policies, to companies registered in Huadu District to grow in both scale and strength.

  Policies for business promotion and investment attraction have high "gold content", and are executed by the most excellent business promotion team.

  Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises, central central SOEs, and private companies, listed companies, and other powerful ones from home and abroad have made their investments here in Huadu.

  Adequate human resources

  Huadu District now has 9 institutions of higher learning, with a current student population near 100,000. Four general higher education institutions (Guangdong Peizheng College, Guangdong University of Education, Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology, and Guangzhou College of Technology and Business), and five institutions (junior college) for technical and vocational education (Guangdong Technician College, Guangzhou Univesity College of Municipal Works and Construction, and Guangzhou Civil Aviation College) train talents in great number every year, and provide a great deal of technology support for automotive, airport, and equipment manufacturing industries of the District.

  The District currently has 2 national key laboratories (one of them is still under way), 2 provincial key laboratories, 31 provincial engineering technology centers, 31 advanced engineering technology centers (R&D centers), 68 District-level engineering centers. Over 80% of enterprises above designated size have their own in-house R&D institutions and are engaged in industry-university-research institute collaboration with higher education institutions.

  Comprehensive talent policy.

  Targeted talent policy.

  Inclusive talent policy for college graduates and young entrepreneurs.

  Specific talent policies tailored for green finance, market purchase trade, and other industries.

  Customized talent policies for flagship enterprises in the region.

  Professional human resource services.

  Complete and functional supporting services, such as talent green card system, offer more preferential treatments to high-end talents for household registration, admission to school of their children, medical care, housing, and traveling, so that they may focus on work.

  Hitalent Club, and postdoctoral program base among others set up platforms on which talents of all kinds may conduct academic exchanges and communication activities.

  Various development platforms for talents.

  Enterprises are encouraged to set up their own in-house R&D centers, to step up brand building, and to improve their core competencies.

  New- and high-technology flagship enterprises are attracted to, or cultivated in, the District to form company clusters that would underpin innovative development.

  The Sci-tech Incubator Doubling Plan is under implementation, and efforts are being made to create "1+N" innovation incubation platforms.

  Complete and functional system for talents to start businesses and make innovations.

  Multi-tiered, connected, and full-coverage system of innovation-driven development policies;

  Sci-tech innovation service chains, and league of enterprise for entrepreneurship and innovation;

  Huadu Venture Capital Fund for Innovation Industry has been founded, which will cover all financial services that may be needed by enterprises during the whole process of their development.