Prince Mountain forest Park is one of the few original ecological oxygen bars in Guangzhou. The forests are lush and verdant and the mountains are tall and rugged in the park. Yaying mountain in the north of the park with 581.2 meters elevation is the peak of the overall area, and the adjacent Prince Mountain is 571.9 meters high. Air quality is determined by Provincial forestry Exploration Institution as the “cleanest air ”for high content of anion. It is really a good place for exploring quiet and peaceful environment where there are hidden cave and secrete passageway. Wild animals still frequently appear and disaprear in the forest park. The phytoecommunity in Pince Mountain are consisted of varicous types and dozens of spinuloes tree fern, first-grade state protection plant, have been discovered one after another.


  Prince Mountain, 571.9 mete rs high, is renowned as "Baiyun Mountain of Huadu" , having high anioncontents . Waterfall and flowing spring can be found everywhere , with path winding along mountain ridges Every corner could structure scenery surrounded by clouds and mist.


  Address: Xikeng Village, Timian Town, Huadu District Self-driving Route

  Go north along GI06 through Huashan Town to Timian Town Center and drive to Prince Mountain from east to west as instructed by indicator.

  Drive from Lotus Gate to main stem of Lotus Touirist Resorts to enter into Prince Mountain.