Forrmer Residence of Hong Xiuyuan is a National Scenic Spot of AAA-Level. On January 1st, 1841,the whole family moved here after Hong Xiuyuan's bom in Fuyuanshui Village, Hua County.

  He engaged in studying, teaching, farming and early anti-Qing Dynasty activities here.The present residence of Hong Xiuyuan is restored on the basis of the former site in 1961, and it is a Key Cultural Relics Site Under the State Protection. The main attractions are Former Residence of Hong Xiuyuan, the site of former residence of Hong Renxuan, Study Pavilion, the longan tree planted by Hong Xiuquan, reflection of the Ya Mountain, the Memorial of former Residence of Hong Xiuyuan and Hakka folk houses .


  Address : Guanlubu, Dabu Village, Xiuquan Street, Huadu District