Shuikouying Village has enjoyed the reputation of "three Jinshi(scholars) in three consecutive imperial examinations and two students studied in the Imperial College on the same list". Starting

  from Shang Tinghuan, Shang Yanliu's father, four generations of the Shang's family were devoted to literature and two Jinshi got out from the family in succession. As a result, the Shang's family is said to be synonym for "a scholarly family" in modern Guangdong. The last "Tanhua(rank the third in the imperial examinations)" of China, Shang Yanliu, was a descendant of the Shang's family in the village.


  Tourists are recommended to visit not only the hometown and former residence of China's last Tanhua, but also a group of precious "Erythrophleum fordii forests" inShuikouying Village.


  Address:beside Huadu Avenue, Huadong Town

  Self-driving Route: Guangzhou downtown area­ Airport Expressway -Daguang Expressway-S381- Y837-S118-get to the destination.(total52 kilometers, costing 53minutes)

  Bus Route:Huadu No. 66 bus and Huadu No. 85buspass here. There are also bus coming from Huadu Passenger Transport Station and Conghua Bus Station every 15-25 minutes. The cost is separately charged on this line and the full fare is 13yuan.