Gangtou Village is surrounded by water and mountains in east, west and south, and hailed as "three waters facing the north and waters gathering from far and near". Possessing an advantaged geographic location, it was sea and land throughfare in ancient Huadu. Liuxi River in front of the village is the main waterway connecting to northern areas in Guangzhou, by which there is a wharf. In the past, villagers made money mainly by cargo transportation, so a large quantity of goods got in and out from the prosperous wharf.


  With a typical Cantonese dwelling layout which is rare among existing ones, Gangtou Village leans the north and faces the south. There are eleven ancientlaneways in the village surrounded by rivers and creeks, where there is a pond in front of it and a hill at the back. This layout is named "comb layout" because it is like a comb in shape. Ancient architectures in the village adopt architectural styles in the Ming and Qing Dynasties among which there are 60 well protected ones.


  Address: enter from the village road opposite to Gangtou Village Primary School on Huadu Avenue- drive straight to the Village Committee, also to the ancient dwelling architectural complex.

  Self-driving Route: Huadu Avenue- enter from the village road opposite to Gangtou Village Primary School- drive straight then you can see the Village Committee, then you will get to the ancient dwelling architectural complex.Bus Route: You can take No. 72 or No. 84 bus