Chatang Village is located at the west side of Chantan Road in the southwest of Tanbu Town. Most of the villagers have a family name of Tang, who moved here from the South China Sea in Song Dynasty.

  So the village has a history of about 700 years. There are about 120 architectures built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty that are comparatively complete among ancient architectures in the village,

  including 20 in total temples, ancestral temples, ancient academies and book rooms. Village architectures are mainly temples, ancestral temples and book rooms, among which Hongsheng Ancient Temple, Public Ancestral Temple for Tang Mingfeng and Public Ancestral Temple for Tang Wancheng are relatively completely kept.


  Hongsheng Ancient Temple in Chatang is the largest temple in Huadu. All the woods in the temple are from Pontianak. The most interesting focus in the ancient village is "Wall Street"-Zuzhengli, the

  famous "Lane of the Rich". The most hilarious moment in the village is the "Meeting of Snatching by Crackers" at eight o'dock on the morning of every January 16th in the lunar calender.


  Address: West side ofChantan Road, Tanbu Town, Huadu District

  Self-driving Route: West Second Ring Expressway (Exit ofTanbu)-Sll8- Chatang Village.

  Bus Route: take a shuttle costing 15 Yuan at Guangzhou Passenger TransportStation to Tanbu Town Station(about an hour) and then transfer to take a motorcycle costing 5-8 Yuan.