As a hometown of overseas Chinese, Huashan Town has a lot of architectures with overseas Chinese characteristics. The overall layout, internal renovation and furnishings of these architectures are mainly in Chinese style while the architecture are mainly in western style. which are modest and solemn in shape and resplendent in decorations, combining together Chinese and Western styles as well as providing a good example for studying modern architectural arts. The overseas Chinese architectural complex represented by "Qipeng Building" in Luochang Village and watchtower complex in Pingshan Village and Heyu Village are known far and wide, originating rich culture of overseas Chinese for Huashan.


  Luochang Village, with tens ofhouses of overseas Chinese similar in appearance and functions to Kaiping watchtowers scattering, is a vernacular architectural complex combining defending and dwelling functions with Chinese and Western architectural arts.

  Address: Huahui Road, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou(Luochang Village)

  Self-driving Route: Airport Expressway North (to Shaoguan and Conghua direction on Daguang Expressway )-drive off from Exit of Huashan and go straight for 300 meters­ turn right into Huahui Road after you see the signpost of Luochang Village, then you will arrive your destination.

  Bus Route: take Hua No. 85 Bus or Hua No. 16 Bus or Bus16B, get off at Pingdong Village, walk for about 700 meters.