Located in the Tuanjie Village under Huadu'sjurisdiction , the Fairyland is the leading enterprise of ecological agriculture in the village. It covers an area of over 300 mu(about 0.2 square kilometers). Taking advantage of its countryside landscape, natural ecology and environmental resources, combining farming,forestry,animal fishery and husbandry, the farm offers people an ecology farm integrating recreation. entertainment, travel and amwement. It has plantations for many kinds of fruits such as peaches and grapes. and there are flowers on various themes for viewing in every season.


  Addresa: the gale of Tuanjie ViJia&e, Huadu district Ticket price:20Yuan Tel:l3928940202

  Self-driving Route: Drive along G106,take the direction from Longkou to Renhe, to Nanyangzhuang Gas Station,then drive forward for 20-30 meters, and you will see the village sign or the shop sign of The Fairyland. Go forward acoording to the sign for l.5km, you will get to the destination when you see the second bamboo sign of The Fairyland.

  Bus Route: Take the HuaduNo.ll bus to Tuanjie Village.then walk for 300-400 meters and you will see the bamboo sign of the The Fairyland.