Located on Shanqian Avenue in Huadu District, Baosang Garden has hundreds of thousands of mulberry trees and fruit trees, creating the most gorgeous natural ecological environment. Mulberries become mature in March or April in spring and November or December in autumn. The garden produces extraordinary out-of-season mulberries due to adequate rain, sufficient sunshine and meticulous care taken by staff in the garden. Mulberries in this season contain much Vitamin C to be a genuine natural green food and are hailed as “Emperor of Fruits”.

  Recommended viewing focus

  Tourists can wander in the mulberry forests, taste at ease those dark red mulberries covering branches, visit corridor of silk culture which carries a glorious silk cultural history of more than 5000 years, feel the world-known Silk Road, get to know the magical secrets about insects in Insect World, make insect specimens, participate in feeding silkworms and reeling silk to know about the whole life of a silkworm, experience the meaning of a verse from an ancient poem “the sound of writing is like that made by a silkworm” as well as experience the feeling of reversing the sky and the ground just like roller washing machine by playing water Poepoe ball and grassland Zorb ball on the green grassland of 50000 square meters and the fun of spacewalking.

  Travel Guides

  Set out from Huadu: drive to the direction of Furong Tourist Resorts via Jianshe North Road in Huadu downtown, turn left before going straight to the end of Jianshe North Road after passing through Yangwu Toll Station, to Shanqian Travel Avenue (turn right to Furong Tourist Resorts), go straight to the direction of Qingyuan, arrive the destination after passing through Changang Toll Station on Shanqian Travel Avenue.

  Set out from Guangzhou: drive on Guangzhou-Qingyuan Expressway to Exit of Shanqian Travel Avenue in Shiling and get off the expressway, turn left after getting out from the expressway exit, go straight to the direction of Biguiyuan Holiday Peninsula and arrive the destination after passing through Cangang Toll Station on Shanqian Travel Avenue. For backpackers: take the Guangzhou – Shijiao line in Guangzhou bus station (Liuhua Station) and get off at Changang station.