Former residence of Hong Xiuquan is located in the Guanlubu Village, Huadu District of Guangzhou. Hong Xiuquan engaged in studying, teaching, farming and early rebelling Qing Dynasty activities here. In 1998, it was awarded the Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level. In 2005, it was awarded the National Scenic Spot of3A-Level. The Former Residence Memorial opened in 2014. Being a combination of memorial hall and residence, it has a richer content. The Residence of Hong Xiuquan is restored on the basis of former residence in 1959 and the "Study Pavilion" where Hong Xiuquan studied in his adolescence and engaged in teaching is also restored at the same time, which opened in 1961. The longan tree planted by Hong Xiuquan, the portrait of the Hong Yingluns-great great-grandparents of Hong Xiuquan, former residence of Hong Renxuan and bench-table of civil houses, still remains. Three plagues "Memorial Hall of Hong Xiuquan County ofGuangdong Province", "Former Residence of Hong Xiuquan" and "Study Pavilion" are inscribed by Guo Moruo.


  The "Study Pavilion" where Hong Xiuquan studied and engaged in teaching and a longan tree heplanted with a history of over 200 years are in front of the former residence, There is also the former residence memorial which has the most diverse historic exhibits related to Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in China currently.


  Address: Guanlubu, Dabu Village, Xiuquan Street, Huadu District

  Tel: 020-36966779

  Self-driving Route: Airport Expressway-Huadu Exit-Yingbin Avenue-Hongmian Avenue-drive for 3 kilometers on Hongmian Avenue.

  Bus Route: Huadu No. 21 Bus(Huadu Former Residence ofHong Xiuquan Terminal­Huadu Haoli Garden Terminal)