Huadu Huayan Temple, originally named as Guanyin Temple, was built in the first year of Emperor Xuantong(year of 1909) in Qing Dynasty. Itis characterizedby magnificent geographical position in shape oflotus petals, quiet, beautiful and graceful. The Huayan Buddha Hall is made of merbau, rosewood imported from Indonesia, and 52 pieces of large stone peristeles made of high-quality granite produced in Huian of Fujian. There are ten thousands of icons in the hall, with Buddha Shakyamuni, Manjusri and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva 6 meters in height. All the figures of Buddha. large or small, are vividly cast of red copper, with lifelike feature. " Fifty-three figures ofSudhana " are carved on the inner wall of the hall, characterized by lively and active shape, gorgeous and colourful. The outside wall of the hall is enclosed with rosewood carved with blood letter of Benhuan Presbyter-Hua.yan ClassisPuzian Buddha Wished .


  Address: Huazang Mountain, at west side ofPurong Avenue,Shiling Town

  Tel: 020-86993026

  Self-driving Route: After entering Huadu urban area, drive straight for about 7km along Furong

  Avenue (S284) till you get to the junction ofS284 and S264.

  Bus Route:

  1.Take metro line 3(to South of Airport) to Renhe Station, Exit B, then walk to Renhexu Station,transfer to 70l/701A, get off at Dahua Market, then transfer to Huadu No.23 Bus and get off at Huayan Temple.

  2.Go to the Erqi Passenger Transport Station on Xiuquan Avenue in Huadu, then walk to Jincheng Square Station to take Huadu No. 23bus or you can get on at Dahua Market or Huadu Passenger Transport Station Terminal, take "Huadu Passenger Transport Station-Lotus Resorts line or take "Huadu Passenger Transport Station-Jinbi Yushui Mountain Villa• line and get off at Qillng Station (Huadu) and then walk to Huayan Temple.