King Pan Gu Park is located inthe north of Shiling Town, Huadu District, which is very urique. It has been one of the "Eight Scenic Spots of Hua County" in Qing Dynasty. and is called "Pan Gu Haze". Temple of King Pan Gu has been having endless stream of pilgrims over the years and is known far and wide. On the 12th day of eighth lunar month each year, which is the birthday of King Pan Gu, devout men and women all over the country would gather incrows and groups. beating drums and performing lion dance, solemnizing the event. Ten thousands of people came from far and near to worship King PanGu.
  Temple of King Pan Gu not only has a long history, but also is very popular with pilgrims. The existing Altar, which was rebuilt in 27th year of Guangxu (year 1901) in Qing Dynasty, is one of the well-known cultural and artistic relics in Guangdong Province.
  Address: No. 1 Pangu North Road, Shiling Town, Huadu District Tel:   020-86846134   (booking)Bus Route: Huadu Bus Station-Shiling(lS minutes/shuttle) or Hua No. 25 Bus (Hudu Lake Bus Terminal-King Pan Gu Park Bus Terminal)