China leatherware indUBtrial and c;ultural innovation park (Sunshine No.6)is the first cultural and creative theme park ofleather industry. You will experience therich c;ultural atmosphere ofleatherware from the light brown and dark brown architectural appearances aswell astheme sc;ulptures ofleather bags scattering in all comers of the park. The park isdivided into several function areas including fashionable and cutting-edge China Leather BagFashion Distnbute Center, domestic and foreign brand experience pavilion integrating new multi-media museum elements, leather bag sightseeing factory and training base with first-class software and hardware, Visitor DIY Experience Area, unique Loft Studio of bag designer, talent market with industry characteristics, and leather bag innovative market, etc.
  Buy domestic and international brand bag at low price, select "innovation" and"design" in creative market and conceptive store, experience production process ofleather bags, appreciate variety of catwalk shows and performances.
  Address: No. 6 Yangguang Road, Shiling Town, Huadu District
  Tel: 020-86990558
  Self-driving Route:
  1.Starting from Guangzhou, drive off from Haibu Exit of Guangzhou-Qingyuan Highway, turn around in the Pingbu Avenue, turn left from the first traffic light, drive for approximately 4.2 kilometers and turn right to Yangguang Road for about 200 meters.
  2.Starting from Xinhua, drive to the north along Jianshe North Road, turn left to Pingbu Avenue Center for approximately 2 kilometers, turn right slightly to Shiling Avenue for approximately 4.2  kilometers, and turn right to Yangguang Road for about 200 meters.
  Bus Route
  l.Take a bus to Huadu Passenger Transport Station, transfer to Bus No.3, 62, 80, 81 or 82 and get off at Culture Park, walk towards right for 100 meters and go across the street.
  2.Take metro line 3 to Renhe Station, Exit B, transfer to 701A and get off at Leather City, take a motorcycle which will cost 5 yuan, or you can take Hua No. 91 bus to Culture Park.