Official Operation of First Phase of Hongli Mini/Micro LED Semiconductor Display Project Marks the Beginning of a New 5G+8K Vision Era and a 100 Billion Intelligent Electronic Information Industry Cluster


  On December 1, the first phase Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project of Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd., a Huadu-based company, was officially put into operation, marking the beginning of a new 5G+8K vision era. Guo Gongtian, Chen Jiafei, Li Xiaodong, Luo Ganzheng and others District leaders participated in the day's ceremony.

  Mr. Luo Ganzheng, District Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor, pointed out that the official operation of the first phase of Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project would be of great significance for the company to keep its leading position in the industry, and for Huadu District to further extend the LED industry chain, accelerate the construction of 5G+8K new display industrial base, and create a hundred billion-level intelligent electronic information industry cluster; and that it was hoped that all employees of Hongli Group would continue to push ahead and break new ground to promote the growth of the Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project, so as to contribute to the acceleration of high-quality development of Huadu District and to the creation of an important economic and population carrying area in Guangzhou.

  With the advent of the 5G+8K era, ultra-high-definition display screens have become essential to market upgrade. Mini/Micro LED technology has received widespread attention since 2019, with giants like Apple, Samsung, TCL, Konka, Xiaomi having launched in the market Mini LED or terminal products of similar technologies, such as LCDs, LCD TVs, and LED displays among others. Hongli Zhihui Group is a leader in the industry in Mini/Micro LED investment, which established in 2019 Guangzhou Hongli Display Electronics Co., Ltd. A "cooperation agreement" was signed between Hongli Zhihui Group and Huadu District Government in as early as June this year about the investment in Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project, which would be completed in two phases. The first phase of the project has progressed smoothly and is now put into operation to produce industry-leading products of Mini LED display technology. The plan is to invest in 50 production lines, which after reaching production capacity can produce every month 20,000 75-inch TV backlights and 1,000 square meters P0.9 RGB direct display.

  Hongli Zhihui Group and the School of Materials Science and Engineering at South China University of Technology signed on the day an agreement for a joint laboratory. The two giants join forces to focus on innovation, jointly explore Mini/Micro LED materials, solve technical difficulties, and improve mass transfer technology.