2 Billion Investment! Agreement Signed for the Second Phase of Hongli Mini/Micro LED Semiconductor Display Project in Huadu to Build a New Display Industry Cluster


  A signing ceremony was held on December 16 for the agreement between Huadu District Government and Guangzhou Hongli Display Electronics Co., Ltd. in relation to the "Honglitronic LED New Type Backlight Display Phase II Project", adding a new driving force to the District’s ambition to build a new 5G+8K display industry base.

  Presented at the event were Xing Xiang, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and District Mayor, Guo Gongtian, Director of District People's Congress Standing Committee, Chen Jiafei, Chair of District CPPCC, and other leaders, as well as Hongli Zhihui Group board chairperson Li Guoping, President Li Jundong and other relevant responsible persons. It’s been reported that about 2 billion yuan will be invested under the agreement to build a project in Huadu District that integrates R&D, production and sales of new type LED backlight displays, with an estimated annual output value of about 4 billion yuan after reaching full capacity. This marks that Huadu's intelligent electronic information industry has additional vitality and is moving to the fast track.

  Seize the opportunity

  Accelerate the building of new momentum for the development of artificial intelligence and digital economy

  A 100-billion intelligent electronic information industry cluster is an important piece in Huadu District's plan to build a modern industrial system and shape a new development pattern. It has been decided at the plenary meeting of the Municipal Party Committee just successfully closed that Guangzhou has to firmly grasp the historical moment where the new wave of technological revolution and the transformation of the country’s development mode meet, and position artificial intelligence and digital economy as strategic engines, and exert the city's full strength to build a powerful city of technology and innovation, so as to help raise Guangdong province to the highland of technological and industrial innovation. Never wavering in treating innovation as the primary driving force, Huadu District has been accelerating the digitalization and intelligent transformation of industries, building the Huadu Lake digital economy cluster area, pushing forward the construction of CETC South China Electronic Information Industrial Park, Guoguang Intelligent Electronic Industrial Park and other parks, and actively pressing ahead with artificial intelligence, IT application innovation, new type display, 5G+4K/8K and other projects to build a 100-billion intelligent electronic industry cluster. In particular, contracts were signed for 73 key projects, with a total investment of 71.591 billion yuan, from January to October this year to provide new momentum to the development of artificial intelligence and digital economy, including those with Genimous Technology, a listed company engaged in blockchain and supply chain finance, and JD.com Asia One in intelligent logistics, and the first phase of Honglitronic LED backlight display project.

  Government-enterprise cooperation

  Cultivate deep new advantages in the development of new display industry clusters

  In addition to being an important part of Huadu's 100-billion intelligent electronic information industry clusters, the new type display industry is also an important pillar of Huadu’s plan to take practical actions to optimize and strengthen the ultra-high-definition video industry influence belt in northern Guangzhou and help the city build the "Display Capital of the World".

  The execution of the agreement for the second phase of the Honglitronic LED new type backlight display project marks an important step forward in Huadu District's 100-billion intelligent electronic information industry cluster program, and speaks loud of the District's effort in promoting high-quality economic development. Guangzhou Hongli Display Electronics Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd., is an outstanding representative of Huadu's innovative enterprises and a leader in Huadu's intelligent electronic information industry. Hongli Zhihui has experienced rapid development in Huadu District in recent years; it was among the top ten in the global LED market share in 2017, and ranked second in China’s LED packaging companies in 2017-2018; the "key technology and industrialization of high-efficiency long-life semiconductor lighting” of the company won a first prize of the 2019 State Science and Technology Advancement Award; and the company's products have covered most provinces and cities across the country and have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

  Looking into the future, Huadu District will continue to exploit the advantages of complete information infrastructure and the industrial foundation of the electronic information manufacturing industry to enhance the cultivation of new type display industry cluster; strengthen investment attraction in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; endeavor to bridge between the government and enterprises, and important institutions in order to push forward R&D of key technologies and to promote together innovative and integrated development of industries; elevate the level of industrial value chain in all dimensions; accelerates the formation of a large, innovative-led, and structurally optimized display industry ecosystem; and build a display industry cluster that has complete and sound upstream and downstream supports and is well coordinated for development, thereby to contribute to building Guangzhou into a world-class ultra-high-definition video industry cluster and the "Display Capital of the World" as soon as possible.

  Be friendly and caring for enterprises

  Business environment reform is quickening pace

  The life of reform lies in innovation, and in taking the first step to try. Reform and innovation are in the gene of Huadu District; particularly in recent years, the District has been benchmarking against international first-class standards in all aspects, and aiming at the goal of "helping entrepreneurs, treating investors well, and serving taxpayers", the District is drastically pushing forward the reform of the business climate by rolling out measures that lead in the districts of Guangzhou: it is the first in Guangdong province that issued the "Several Opinions on Implementing the Civil Code and Promoting the Government of Lawundefined the first to practice “land certificate upon auction”; the first in Guangzhou to establish a district-level inclusive and prudential supervision mechanism; and the establishment of Huadu Commercial Mediation Center, which is first of its kind in the city. The successful IPO and the implementation of various new projects of Honglitronic would not be possible without the good business environment and the increasingly complete industrial supporting facilities of Huadu District.

  The recently released "Quarterly Monitoring Report of Guangzhou Regional Credit Status" by the National Information Center analyzed the credit status of various districts in Guangzhou, and it showed that from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020, Huadu District ranks first in the 11 districts of the city, with a comprehensive credit index of 88.13. In the future, deepened ongoing reform to improve Huadu's business environment will help more high-quality enterprises to take root in Huadu, reach to the Greater Bay Area and move to the fast track of development.