Jinzhong Auto Parts of Huadu Successfully Listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Promote high-quality development of Huadu's automobile industry

On November 26, Guangzhou Jinzhong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co Ltd was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market. The move, which not only sets a successful example of the implementation of innovation-driven strategy for high-tech enterprises in Huadu District, but also marks a further step forward of the District's support for the development of private enterprises, is of great significance for promoting regional economic development and high-quality development of Huadu's automobile industry.

The event was presented by Xing Xiang, Huadu District Party chief, Li Bo, chair of District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Cai Qiliang, District deputy mayor, Xu Xiubin, deputy Director of Guangzhou Local Financial Regulatory Bureau and Li Jianfeng, board chair of Nanjing Securities Co., Ltd, who warmly congratulated Xin Hongping, chair and general manager of Guangzhou Jinzhong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co Ltd and all its employees and witnessed the important moment of the company.

Established in Huadu Automobile City in 2004, Jinzhong Auto Parts is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, development, production and sales of automotive interior and exterior parts. According to Xin Hongping, Jinzhong Auto Parts plants its feet in domestic market and looks into the world. 17 years of continuous innovation and business development have successfully elevated the company into the mainstream supply system of global vehicle manufacturers and established it as a global leader in such fields as automotive wheel hub trims. As of the date of the prospectus, the company owns a total of 91 patents, including 8 invention patents and 83 utility model patents. Jinzhong Auto Parts has been a close follower of the fast moving trend of new energy vehicles in recent years, and has become an important supplier to many mainstream new energy vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad.

Xu Xiubin marked that since Guangzhou’s launch of the “Bellwether” initiative in 2020 of achieving high-quality development of companies through going public, 41 additional companies have been listed in domestic and overseas markets. And accounting for more than 70% of all listed companies of the city in terms of number and market value, A-share listed companies in strategic industries including the automotive industry has become the main force driving the transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou’s economy. As an enterprise cultivated in Huadu District, which is one of the cities’s advanced manufacturing bases, Jinzhong Auto Parts has been an active and focused player in the field of automotive interior and exterior trim parts for many years, and has secured for itself a prominent market position in global automotive wheel hub trims and logo trims. It is hoped that Jinzhong Auto Parts will take the listing as a new starting point, and by moving forward to take full advantage of the financing function of the capital market, and adhere to the approach of innovation-driven development, it will realize company development, and in the course drive regional industrial progress, and promote the integration and innovation of enterprises along the entire industrial chain; in this way, it can create more value for shareholders and investors and make greater contributions to local economic development.

Cai Qiliang said that during the process of thorough study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on financial work, Huadu in recent years seized important historical opportunities coming with the reform and development of the capital market to actively create an environment conducive for companies going public. The District has cultivated and attracted 5 listed companies; and by conducting thorough screenings for companies with good market prospects and strong sustainable operation capabilities, and creating a pool of companies to be listed and potential candidates, a “Huadu sector” of the capital market is now taking shape rapidly. Next, Huadu will provide one-on-one follow-up service to a group of specialized and innovative companies, industry leaders, or leading private companies, so that entrepreneurs, innovators, and startup founders enjoy more considerate services, better business environment, and more space to develop. It is hoped that Jinzhong Auto Parts make good use of the GEM platform, earnestly fulfill its obligation of information disclosure, strengthen scientific and standardized management, and repay the society and investors with excellent performance. And it is also hoped that Shenzhen Stock Exchange will continue to support Huadu enterprises seeking for listing, and to facilitate with guidance and help more enterprises in the District to list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Li Jianfeng observed that in the process of cooperation with Jinzhong Auto Parts, he was deeply impressed by the company’s excellent performance and rapid development, its outstanding technological innovation strength, its senior management team’s broad strategic vision, and its industry expertise, commitment, and craftsman spirit. The IPO this time will help Jinzhong Auto Parts to be comprehensively elevated in terms of capital strength, innovation capability, and brand reputation, etc., and consequently the ability to create greater value for shareholders and the society. It is hoped that Jinzhong Auto Parts will take the IPO as an opportunity to harness the power of the capital market to further pursue its development concept of "be solid, be strong, be bigger, excel, and grow" and become a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public.