To Promote High-quality Development of Industry Clusters, Huadu District Held Work Conference on Promoting high-quality industrial development through "Chain Chief System”

On November 30th, Huadu District held a work conference on promoting high-quality industrial development through "Chain Chief System” in order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on industrial chain development, to implement the work plans formulated by provincial Party committee, Provincial government, municipal Party committee, and municipal government for cultivation and development of strategic industrial clusters, and to guarantee a good start of Huadu’s "Chain Chief System", which is meant to provide important support for high-quality economic development of Huadu. The meeting was presented by District leaders, including Xing Xiang, Li Xiaodong, Li Bo, Chen Jiafei, Yao Hanzhong, Chen Fujun, and Cai Qiliang, and was attended by representatives from the District Party Committee office, District Government office, District Autocity Administrative Committee, District Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology and other relevant functional departments, as well as those of chain leaders and industries in the District.

The information shows that in order to accelerate high-quality development of key industries in the District, Huadu has printed and distributed the "Work Plan of Huadu for the Implementation of the "Chain Chief System" to Promote High-quality Development of Industries” in accordance with the requirements of Guangzhou Party committee and government. According to the Work Plan, the District will, based on the 21 municipal-level industrial chains, and the actual conditions of Huadu, experiment in 15 key industries. A working mechanism featured interaction and joint efforts between the city and the district will be formed, and a "Chain Chief System” consisting of "General chain chief + Chain chief + Chain leader + Chain chief office” will be established to promote the development of industrial chains in our District. The object is to build by 2025 one 200 billion industrial chain group, four 10-billion industrial chain groups, and ten 1-billion chain groups of emerging industries, achieving the "100-10-1 billion” structure of large-scale industrial chain echelon, and contributing Huadu's share to the city's "thousand-hundred-ten” industry chain landscape.

At the meeting, the District "Chain Chief System" Office reported on the progress made in implementing the "Work Plan of Huadu for the Implementation of the "Chain Chief System" to Promote High-quality Development of Industries” and gave explanation to relevant issues. At the meeting, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, as representative of chain leader, delivered a speech; Huadu Cosmetics Industry Association, as industry representative, reported on the cosmetics industry chain; Autocity Administrative Committee reported on the progress of the industry chain of intelligent network and new energy automobile; the District Science, Technology, Industry, Business and Information Bureau reported the progress in the electronic information and new display industry chain; and the Airport Committee reported on the progress of the airport-related high-tech industry chain. The participants proposed pertinent opinions and suggestions based on their own experiences on how to better promote the "Chain Chief System" in Huadu.

Li Xiaodong, District mayor and district-level general chain chief, pointed out that relevant government departments should play well the role of “servants" and carefully study how to give full play to the leading role of the "Chain Chief System" in the industries; and enterprises should play well their roles as market entities, and give more good opinions and suggestions to the government; and that attention should be paid to top-level design to formulate clear road map for industrial development, and solid work should be made to steadily promote thorough implementation in the 15 industrial chains, and eventually promote high-quality development of industry clusters.

Xing Xiang, District Party chief and district-level general chain chief, emphasized that the most important thing in implementing the "Chain Chief System" was to harness the power of leading industrial enterprises to form industry clusters and business ecosystems. It is hoped that enterprises and government functional departments will work together to continuously build and improve the "Eight Ones" work system, to share resources, to support each other, and to jointly promote the clustering and high-quality development of key industries; that while attention is given to help traditional advantageous industries to grow bigger and stronger, efforts be made to develop aircraft maintenance, green building materials, rail transit and other industries, so as to push forward the implementation of the industrial spatial layout of "one district, one city, one port" and building of major technological infrastructure and innovative talent gathering areas in the process of promoting industrial development and urban function enhancement; that efforts shall be directed to four areas, business environment, talent training, digital empowerment, and targeted investment promotion, to accelerate the development and cultivation of industry chains; that organization and implementation be strengthened and working mechanisms be improved to plan goals and tasks on a "one chain, one policy" basis, to urge forward leading units of industry chains, and to accelerate the promulgation and implementation of three-year action plan for the high-quality development of 15 key industrial chains, and that an industrial chain enterprise pool shall be established, more resources shall be directed to the industry chains with good quality and efficiency, and form the strong synergy that will promote high-quality development of the industry chains.