Dongfeng Motor and Xuehang Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Strengthen interconnectivity for Win-win Development

As the result of the match making efforts of Huadu People’s Government, a signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd and Guangdong Xuehang Group Co., Ltd was held at the seat of the District Party Committee and District Government.

The event was witnessed by Huadu District leaders Li Xiaodong, Lan Haibin, and Lu Rixin, along with Gao Guolin, Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, Zhao Shuliang, Board Chair of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd, Xue Jianmei, Board Chair of Guangdong Xuehang Group Co., Ltd, Xue Shulin, Vice President of Guangdong Xuehang Group Co., Ltd, and responsible officials from District Government Office, Publicity Department of the District Party Committee, District Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, District Economic Development Zone Management Committee, District Autocity Administrative Committee, and some towns. Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou JD Fengshang Trading Company, Yuhu Cold Chain (Guangdong) Company, Guangzhou J&T Supply Chain Company and other key enterprises in the District were also invited to attend.

Car and aviation giants join forces

Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited, is the only listed company in China that is specialized in the manufacture of light commercial vehicles, and is the most competitive player in the industry. The second factory of Dongfeng Nissan in Huadu has now become a global benchmark factory of Nissan, as well as a poster boy of the District. Guangdong Xuehang Group Co., Ltd is one of the largest, and also one of the first, aviation logistics companies in South China. The company currently runs 74 branches and operation centers in major cities across the country, and has a network consisting of contracted cooperative agents in 300 cities and regions home and abroad. With its presence already in comprehensive logistics, aviation comprehensive training, airport warehouse property, aviation ground services, new energy aviation equipment, and fresh food and cold chain e-commerce trade among others, the newly established Meihua Aviation further extends the industry chain of the group into the aviation training market, adding new momentum to its diversified development.

In joining forces, the car giant and the aviation giant will give full play to their respective advantages to comprehensively promote the strategic cooperation in “sharing industrial resource and jointly building an industrial ecosystem", to push forward active cooperation in targeted product development, exploration of new technologies and new operating models, and building of smart logistics, and to facilitate the progress of finding a new path to develop automobile industry and airport related industry. By pooling together advantageous resources, they two parties will build smart logistics together, in which high-quality products and services of Dongfeng Automobile will be funneled into the logistics and transportation industry to improve logistics services, while at the same time, Xuehang Group’s efficient logistics and transportation services will be introduced to the automotive industry to provide efficient parts transportation for the industry, in particular, a strong transportation support to Dongfeng Automobile. Their cooperation will be conducive to reduced costs, lower energy consumption, and better development conditions for both of them. Moreover, information sharing enables better synergy effect, which contributes to sustainable and healthy development of the two enterprises, helps to create a positive image of enterprises in Huadu District "cooperating for mutual development", and actually promotes win-win through cooperation.

Long-term strategic cooperation to enhance position in the industry

Xue Jianmei is convinced that the signing of this cooperation agreement will no doubt promote the two parties to cooperate in wider and far-reaching fields with foreseeable results. Both Dongfeng Automobile and Xuehang Group are committed to working together to make use of the advantages of both parties to achieve long-term strategic cooperation, to continuously improve their position in the respective industries, and to contribute to the development of China's automobile and logistics industries.

Li Junzhi, General Manager of Dongfeng Automobile, said that the friendly cooperation will help the two parties better achieve industrial complement and their respective strategic goals. Cooperation based on win-win and development will surely bring in a new logistics models quickly and accelerate the pace to realize the vision of "best partner in smart logistics". Xuehang Group and Dongfeng Automobile also confirmed at the event an intention to buy light commercial vehicles.

The strategic cooperation between the two companies, which is attributable to the match making efforts of Huadu District Party Committee and District Government, testifies the achievements that have been made by the District Party Committee and District Government in creating a good business environment for all industries. The signing ceremony marks the starting point of the cooperation between Dongfeng Automobile and Xuehang Group, and it also ushers in a new era in which enterprises of all industries in Huadu connect and share resources on common platforms.

Li Xiaodong, Deputy Party Chief and mayor of Huadu District, expressed sincere hope in his speech that the two parties would take the strategic cooperation agreement as a stepping stone and moved forward to employ their respective advantages to deepen and expand cooperation, improve cooperation mechanisms, and promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and the harmony economic and social development, thereby to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and make greater contributions to Huadu's efforts to build the District into the aviation center of Guangzhou as a national central city. He said that Huadu District, guided by and practicing the motto of "support entrepreneurs, treat investors well, and serve taxpayers", would pay attention to what companies think and need, and give them full support to help their development and growth in the District.