Huadu District Launches First Housing Lottery for Talents of Key Attracted Enterprises, Creating Climate to Attract and Keep Talents


Today's Huadu News "No. 1, No. 2, No. 5..." On the afternoon of February 16, the first housing lottery drawing for talents of attracted enterprises in Huadu District was successfully held at Huadu District Autocity Administrative Committee, marking a new step forward in building the District into the northern talent hub of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The event was jointly implemented by Huadu Economic Development Zone Committee, Huadu District Autocity Administrative Committee, and Huadu Autocity Development Co., Ltd. Pursuant to the Detailed Implementation Rules for Talent Housing in Huadu District and the First Housing Lottery for Talents of Key Attracted Enterprises in Huadu, this event was mainly directed to talents of enterprises that have signed investment promotion agreements or cooperation agreements with the Huadu District Government. After eligibility review by relevant functional departments of the District, 34 talents were admitted to the event. Most of them were newly introduced key talents of enterprise management or important technical talents urgently needed from 7 key enterprises, including Hongli Zhihui, Power China, and Oriental Yuhong.

In order to help high-level talents to realize their dream of living a high-quality life and enjoy their work in the District, Huadu has brought to the table 90 high-quality large houses that are 80 square meters or above in the "Tian Juan Feng” compound, which is a telling demonstration of its determination and sincerity to support enterprises to attract and keep talents and to continuously optimize the business environment.

The information shows that the houses offered this time are located in Building 20 of "Tian Juan Feng” compound at No. 11, Chayuan Road of the District. All 90 houses are of the house layout type that has 3 bedrooms and 2 parlors. The compound enjoys good construction quality and advantageous location conditions. Adjacent to Huaguoshan Park Station of Metro Line 9, and surrounded by key educational institutions, like No. 1 District Kindergarten, No. 5 Xinhua Street Primary School, Xiuquan Foreign Language School, Large shopping malls, like Huacheng Square, and Baiye Square, and Class A tertiary hospitals, like Guangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and Huzhong Hospital, it is one of the landmark residential quarter of Huadu District.

On the day of the event, "Certificates of Eligibility to Housing Lottery” were issued by the organizer in accordance with the principle of "one enterprise, one certificate"; representatives of the enterprises and their candidates participated, in the order of their signature of arrival, in a lucky drawing to determine the sequence of house picking, which they followed and went onto the stage to draw a number of balls according to the number of their candidates. The lottery drawing results will then be announced for public review for 5 days as required. Upon expiry of the public review period, the house purchase process will begin according to relevant procedures.

Huang Jianying, the representative of Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd, who just drew 10 houses for the company's key talents, said excitedly, "it is fantastic that Huadu can offer so good a housing preferential policy for talents; it provides not only high-quality houses, but also favorable treatments for education of children. It will help enterprises to attract and retain talents, and will also help these key talents to have better live and take root in Huadu.”

In recent years, Huadu, in order to build a talent hub in the northern part of the Greater Bay Area, has been committed to introducing talents with the greatest sincerity, treating talents with the highest standards, helping talents with the strongest platform, and warming talents with the best service. A series of documents has been released, including 26 Articles of Huadu District to Befriend Business and Enterprises, Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of the Action of Talent Pooling, Several Measures for Creating Optimal Comprehensive Talent Services, and Detailed Implementation Rules for Talent Housing in Huadu District, in an vigorous effort to create an atmosphere that respects, attract, and keep talents. The District is on an ongoing endeavor to establish and improve the housing security system for talents that will help them take root in the District.