District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Launched Operation Skilled Huadu to Rally Forces of Government, School and Enterprise to Develop Key Industries with High Quality

Today's Huadu NewsThe District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held on March 3 the 2022 Operation Skilled Huadu exchange meeting in conjunction with the signing ceremony of the government-school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement. The Operation is aimed to promote the smooth progress of the District's work concerning skilled talents, to promote the in-depth integration of government, school and enterprise in terms of industrial chain, innovation chain, and talent chain, and to deepen direction connection between schools and enterprises, so as to accelerate the high-quality development of key industries in the District. The event was attended by He Shilin, deputy director of Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hu Biaofa, deputy mayor of Huadu District, and representatives of various colleges and enterprises.

Hu Biaofa remarked that taking today's event as a new starting point, the government should give full play to its role of guidance and services provider, and take the initiative to promote schools and enterprises to form alliance of close cooperation by assuming the role of an active match maker, by building communication platform, and keeping smooth cooperation channels; schools should give full play to its function of skill training function, strengthen communication with enterprises, and get in-depth understanding of enterprises’ employee requirements and job standards, and accordingly innovate teaching models, enrich curriculum content, improve talent training programs to realize true alignment of vocational education with the industry, and to continuously improve the quality of education; and enterprises should give full play to the advantages of industrial resources, assume a long-term perspective, attach great importance to cooperation with vocational colleges, strengthen human resource management, proactively select vocational colleges as skilled talent pools, actively participate in the construction and development of schools to jointly cultivate more high-quality skilled talents. The continuous progression of the Operation Skilled Huadu will effectively supply high-quality skilled talents for the high-quality economic and social development of the District, and truly achieve an all-win result where enterprises have talents, students have skills, and colleges and industries develop.

Deepening school-enterprise cooperation is an effective way to train skilled talents, which is also urgently needed to solve the problem of "skilled labor shortage" for enterprises and the structural contradiction of employment. In thorough implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the work of skilled talents, the District in recent years has been committed to promoting in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, and their development through integration, and continuously improving the quality and efficiency in training skilled talents that meet the needs of the industry.

During the event, representatives of Guangzhou Electromechanical Technician College, Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College, Apower Electronics Co., Ltd and Marelli Auto Parts (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd gave presentations to introduce their innovative practices, experiences, and achievements in promoting Operation Skilled Huadu, which offered good reference and inspiration for the District's further carrying out the Operation to train more skilled talents.

The District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau signed Operation Skilled Huadu government-school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreements five colleges and universities: Guangzhou Technician College, Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College, Guangzhou Electromechanical Technician College, Guangzhou Public Utility Technician College, and Guangzhou Communications Technician Institute. 20 colleges and universities were awarded plaques of "Operation Skilled Huadu · Government-School-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Member". Responsible officials of colleges and enterprises said that schools and enterprises would give full play to their respective advantages, deepen the understanding, exchange and cooperation between government, schools and enterprises to provide more high-quality talents for the economic and social development of Huadu District.