Guangzhou Huadu Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd Unveiled to Invest for the Future


The official inauguration of Guangzhou Huadu Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (HUCI), a state-owned enterprise of Huadu District, not only speaks of a new achievement of the District in implementing the three-year action plan for reform of state-owned enterprises, but also marks the beginning of a new journey of Huadu District to optimize the industrial layout of state-owned enterprises, to synergize resources of the construction industry, and to preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets. The plaque unveiling event was witnessed by Chen Xiaoan, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Huadu District People's Congress, and relevant persons-in-charge of the District Bureau of Finance, Power China, China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corp., China Railway 22nd Bureau, and ICBC Huadu Branch and other organization.

With 6 subsidiaries, HUCI is equipped with Grade-A professional qualification for construction design, and Grade-A qualification for housing construction supervision, as well as CMA certificates and inspection qualifications granted by provincial and municipal construction engineering quality inspection agencies, and it has a work force highlighted by construction engineering talents with national or provincial senior professional titles. Its business scope covers the whole process from land development, agency services, and Build/Transfer project management to design, costing, supervision, construction and inspection.

Committed to the purpose of "serving Huadu development in all dimensions", HUCI will actively participate in the early preparation of industrial land and plot development, take part in the cooperative development and utilization of rural private-use land in the whole District, invest in key construction projects, undertake construction projects, and provide comprehensive services for construction projects, focus on the development of the three main operations of "project construction services, comprehensive project-related services, and extension development", and strive to expand into other markets, enhance the construction and building capabilities of Huadu District, and improve the quality of construction.

Treating market-oriented operation as the life line, HUDI adheres to the principle of "focused but diversified growth" to continuously expand operating business to create a reasonable and diversified business profile. Guided by the idea of "market-oriented operation, professional development, and diversified business", the company will vigorously integrate and operate its existing industries, such as infrastructure, and land development, and when justified by the company actual conditions, actively explore and participate in the development of high-quality industries that are closely related to urban development and people's livelihood, such as industrial parks, green buildings, smart cities, ecoagriculture, characteristic towns, and financial investment.

As an important driving force of urban development, HUCI will attract mature investors with industrial portfolios to invest in Huadu District; it will set its eye on development, turn responsibility into opportunity, plan development in high-quality industries, and enhance the sustainability and profit sources of the company.

Standing at the starting point of a new journey, HUCI will lever this inauguration to further deepen cooperation with state-owned enterprises at national, provincial, municipal and district levels, push harder forward such projects as the comprehensive transportation hub of Guangzhou North Railway Station, the third-phase expansion of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and city renewal project, and attract more high-quality industries and large good projects to create a national first-class new model of comprehensive urban development.