Guangzhou CTG · Aranya Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort Project, A New Landmark of Cultural Tourism in the Greater Bay Area, Breaks Ground in Huadu


The official groundbreaking ceremony of CTG duty free complex at Guangzhou North Railway Station at the end of 2021 is followed on April 1, 2022 by that of CTG · Aranya Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort. The investment of two projects in Huadu District show clearly CTG Investment’s intention to help high-quality development of Huadu District by building the whole Jiulong Lake Tourist Resort into a highland for spiritual and cultural life in Guangzhou, a new benchmark of cultural and tourism in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and a livable, tourism-friendly resort destination with innovative lifestyle in the northern part of the Greater Bay Area.

Presented at the event were relevant leaders of Huadu District, along with Jiang Hong, Party secretary and board chair of CTG Investment, Ma Yin, president of Aranya Group, and other executives of the two companies to the project.

Join force with the industry's top IP

to create a benchmark project for cultural tourism in the Greater Bay Area

 CTG Investment has implemented in recent years the "Quality Strategy" in an all-round way, in which it concentrates on scenarios, content and experience improvement, focuses on creating market-recognized, sustainable industry benchmarks, and builds two major business brands, CTG Attractions and CTG Property, to vigorously promote integrated development of scenic attraction business and real estate business.

Aranya, the partner of CTG Investment in this project, is the most distinctive cultural tourism and holiday brand in China, to be specific, a lifestyle brand that integrates diversified contents such as culture and art, film and television, and sports. According to Mr. Ma Yin, Aranya will work with CTG to sort out and upgrade the overall landscape and buildings of the park from a ecological perspective, and build new cultural tourism towns, "it is our desire to create a future-oriented pioneering cultural tourism community to provide comprehensive care to people’s food, clothing, housing and transport, their emotional relationship, and spiritual world, and eventually explore the possibility of a better life,” he said.

Around the dual core of culture and ecology

build a highland of spiritual and cultural life

Located at No. 3 Shanqian Tourism Avenue, Huadong Town of Huadu District, the CTG · Aranya Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort is accessible to nearly 70 million people living within the 2-hour traffic circle, and is positioned as a national-level cultural and leisure tourist resort destination. The project’s careful operation will be based on the integration of the characteristic IPs and advantageous art resources of the cultural tourism industry; it will attract artists, literature and art lovers, and elites of industry and gradually emerge as a gathering place for the new middle class in the Greater Bay Area to become a younger, more diverse, more international, more trendy and more dynamic living community that will be recognized as the heart of the Greater Bay Area and Guangzhou's highland of spiritual and cultural life.

As for the culture dimension, it will focus on the cultural experience of the Greater Bay Area, the Lingnan folk culture, Hong Kong and Macao culture, art workshop experience, and creative leisure culture to support the project in providing international quality of life. As for the ecological dimension, it will preserve the leisure vitality of urban city and create ecological leisure and vacation activities, with ecological sports fields, forest night hiking adventures and other products in the pipeline.

Upholding the design concept of merged beauty

to create a place where nature and human coexist harmoniously

The overall design and planning of the Jiulong Lake project will be guided by the concept of "merged beauty", where the beauty of ecology, the beauty of living, and the beauty of life will be perfectly embodied in the design of the project; in the future, five parks and ten buildings will be planned and constructed one by one, which being fitted to local landscape, will endow the park with cultural and spiritual attributes to become the cultural landmark of the Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort.

Five major parks, waterfront children's playground, waterside leisure park, life and recreation park, European town cultural vitality park, and mountain camping park, will be so designed that they will fully correspond to the landscape resources of mountains and rivers, create blue-green and mountain landscape corridors, and extend over both sides of the river, and that they will be perfect match with existing facilities and cultural and leisure activities. Well-known domestic architects will be invited to design ten major buildings, including Honeycomb Theater, Imaginist-themed Hotel, Chenman Photography-themed Hotel, Anaya Cinema, Anaya Market, Anaya School, Lakeside Hotel, Mountain Library, New King Hotel and Art Center, which will echo the local natural landscape, endow the park with cultural spiritual attributes, build a cultural landmark in Jiulong Lake Ecological Resort, and enhance the overall cultural influence of Huadu District.

Take combined measures to develop whole-region tourism

and release new dividends of high-quality development

Centering on "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment", Huadu has been continuously enriching the cultural and tourism supply by finding new cultural and tourism resources and enabling them with mechanism, culture, and technology among others. A whole range of supports and helps in terms of policy, funds, land use, and talents, etc., has been launched, with focus on supporting the construction of urban landscapes, Beautiful Villages, public cultural facilities, and characteristic towns. As a result, Guangzhou North Railway Station CTG duty free complex, Guangzhou Sunac Cultural Tourism City, Greater Bay Area Ice and Snow Culture Festival, Flowery Huadu, Maling Flower Watching Botanical Garden, Lingnan Mugwort Valley Rural Health Tourism Impression Park, Habitat Creek Fragrance Town, Meihua Aviation Town, and many other highly popular cultural tourism brands have been introduced or build to release huge dividends of high-quality development of cultural tourism.

The implementation of the project in Huadu is another important measure to accelerate the construction of the all encompassing "cultural tourism +" industry chain and build a cultural tourism consumption center. It will inject strong momentum for Huadu to speed up the construction of a new industrial development pattern of "One district, One city and One port" and to become a new growth pole of Guangzhou.