“Special Offer of Guangzhou · Cars” National Consumption Promotion Month cum Guangzhou "Auto Consumption Festival" Begins Its First Leg in Huadu

Citizens experience fully the convenience of the "shopping + car” mode


 Huadu in April is pleasantly warm. On April 9, the 2022 National Consumption Promotion Month cum Guangzhou "Car Consumption Festival" , a campaign themed on “Special Offer of Guangzhou · Cars”, launched its first leg in Huadu as scheduled by holding the Dongfeng Nissan event at Huadu Square. Promotions of various types aiming to give the most preferential benefits to the citizen were set to further boost the boom in car consumption, speed up the upgrading of automobile consumption, and drive economic development with better quality.

The event was co-hosted by Guangzhou Bureau of Commerce and Huadu District People's Government, and organized by Dongfeng Nissan. and was attended by Xie Jianfa, Director of the Market Planning and Development Division of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Wu Bingxiang, Deputy chief of Guangzhou Bureau of Commerce, Xing Xiang and Chen Weiwen, leaders of Huadu District, and charging officials of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, relevant agencies and associations of Huadu District.

Huadu District has taken a combination of measures to support the development of the automotive industry

As the automotive industry plays the "mainstay" role in Huadu, a combination of measures have been taken by the District to support its development all these years: support is given to holding two car carnivals every year, in which car dealers in the District are encouraged to work together in sales promotions to stimulate the potential buying power for cars, and boost consumer confidence, giving full play to the car's role as the mainstay of the consumer market; development plans for the automobile service industry are formulated to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading; vigorous efforts are made to promote automobile consumption and night economy, in particular, Huadu Livestreaming Commerce Festival, Guangzhou International Shopping Festival Huadu Subvenue and many other consumption promotion activities held in the mode of “government sets the stage, associations participate, and enterprises pitch in for the benefits of the people” to constantly promote the recovery of Huadu's commercial areas and automobile sales market.

The intermittent and sparse Covid-19 outbreaks in China have brought an unprecedented impact on the country's economic and social development in the past two years. In order to uplift the confidence of the local auto sales industry, enhance the consumers’ desire to purchase cars, and promote the development of the auto market, Huadu District actively responded to the call of the 2022 National Consumption Promotion Month cum Guangzhou "Car Consumption Festival", and took measures in light of local conditions to exploit the event to promote consumption, in particularly the steady growth of automobile consumption.

Chen Weiwen, vice chairman of Huadu CPPCC, attended the event and observed that as stabilizing and expanding automobile consumption was an important part of Huadu's comprehensive consumption promotion campaign in 2022, Huadu would take this automobile consumption festival as an opportunity to create a conducive atmosphere for automobile consumption, to strongly support the expanding and improving of automobile production and consumption in Huadu District, and to promote joint efforts for the steady development and upgrading of automobile consumption in the District, so as to contribute to build a strong domestic market that will help high-quality development of the automobile economy.

Guangzhou "Auto Consumption Festival" begins its first leg in Huadu

According to information obtained, the launch of the Dongfeng Nissan event at the first leg (Huadu) of Guangzhou's "Auto Consumption Festival" is intended to let Dongfeng Nissan, a pacesetting enterprise in the District, to lead the way , encouraging car companies in the District and even in the city to carry out various forms of promotions that profit and benefit consumers, thereby to further set off a car consumption boom, in which citizens can have full first-hand experience of the high quality, convenience and comfort brought by Huadu's "shopping + car", "shopping + food" and "shopping + tourism” programs.

As a local car company in Guangzhou, Dongfeng Nissan actively responded to the call of the government to give back to the society and consumers. It built a brand new mobile showroom, and brought all models of its three major brands, Nissan, Venucia and Infiniti, to offer the consumers a total different experience; and as a token of its sincerity in offering discounts, buyers of participating models may be in for a treat of 10,000 yuan worth surprising gifts; in particular, Nissan offers up to 6,000 yuan insurance coupons for a prepayment of 1,000 yuan, and Venucia and Infiniti also offer their own exclusive gift packages for car buyers. What’s more, tickets to the attractions of Huadu are distributed on the site as pleasant gifts. During the "Auto Consumption Festival", many other car dealers in the District also launch their own special offers, with only one aim: giving consumers the best discounts there can be for car purchasing.

According to work arrangement of the 2022 (Spring) National Consumption Promotion Month, Guangzhou will organize 2022 National Consumption Promotion Month cum Guangzhou "Car Consumption Festival” activities across the city from April to May this year. The period will witness more than 60 car sales promotion events of different scales and forms, which will be organized by automobile service industry associations at the provincial and municipal levels, and a number of automobile sales enterprises in the city. Such activities will be carried out in a way that synchronizes online and offline activities to meet the needs of citizens' diverse and multi-layered demands for car consumption, and to vigorously expand the space of automobile consumption, and promote the upgrading of consumption structure.