"Embroidered Flower City" Tax Station Settled in Poly International Finance Center for Support of Enterprise Development


The "Embroidered Flower City" tax station was officially unveiled on the 7thfloor of Building T4, Poly International Financial Center, marking the official deployment of the Huadu tax-enterprise interactive platform for Class-A buildings.

It has been learned that as a new platform built by Huadu District Taxation Bureau to further promote the in-depth communication and interaction with enterprise tax payers, the "Embroidered Flower City" tax station is designed to provide green service channel to enterprises with "upgraded" customized services; to serve as a platform tax empower the enterprises and facilitate exchanges on tax affairs while performing well its duty of taxation; and to ensure the implementation of tax policies and release of preferential treatments by providing such precise services as policy publicity and guidance, preferential policy implementation, and tax service optimization; thereby to support the enterprises to thrive, and optimize the business climate in the north of Guangzhou. This is yet another example of the beneficiary government-enterprise cooperation between Huadu District government and Poly International Finance Center after the Huadu City Exhibition Hall and the Green Headquarters Financial Center.

In the discussion session of the event, the principal official of the district tax bureau said that Poly International Financial Center was a dazzling pearl on the central axis of the city, and was to make important contribution in attracting investments for the District in the future. The establishment of the tax station had built a platform for long-term and efficient communication between enterprises and the tax authority, which would further improve the efficiency of precise service, help enterprises flourish, and optimize the tax environment for doing business. The chief of the Poly International Financial Center project said that Poly International Financial Center would do its utmost to assist the District Tax Bureau in building and improving the tax station, so that it could help interaction between tax authority and enterprises and empower the enterprises with preferential tax benefits.