A Blooming Boundless Garden of Beauty and Cosmetic, 2022 Sino-French Innovation Forum of Emerging Beauty Brands successfully Held


A perfect beauty storm unfolds when beauty meets innovation. On May 24th, the "4thFrancy Day - Sino-French Innovation Forum of Emerging Beauty and Cosmetic Brands", an event hosted by the Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Next Made In France, and France Beauty Valley, was solemnly held in Paris and Guangzhou.

As one of the offline venues of this forum, Inno & Beauty Centre has contributed to the success of this innovation forum with its perfect venue site and comprehensive beauty industry chain services. The forum, focused on the theme of "in search of opportunities for win-win cooperation between beauty industries of China and France after the Pandemic", invited from China and France representatives for trade development, industry KOLs, emerging French beauty brands, well-known e-commerce platforms, marketing promotion experts and other important players in the industry. The event was attended by Fan Xinlin, Vice President of Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Chen Jianlin, Director of Huadu District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, as well as persons in charge of the Greater Bay Area Beauty Industry Alliance, and Inno & Beauty Centre, etc.

Representatives from China and France cross borders to discover market opportunities

Crossing regional and national borders, representatives of the industry from both China and France discussed in diverse topics like market opportunities, economic and trade exchanges, industry development, industry trends, and e-commerce, and envisioned how "emerging beauty brands from China and France" could become a new driving force for the growth of the global beauty industry.

According to Mr. Fan Xinlin, Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade has successively held several "French New Products Day" activities, making notable achievements in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between emerging beauty industries in China and France. As a non-governmental ambassador, the Council has helped to establish 28 overseas economic and trade representative offices and 34 overseas Guangdong chambers of commerce around the world, forming a satisfactory global network economic and trade services. This Sino-French Innovation Forum of Emerging Beauty and Cosmetic Brands was designed to establish a communication bridge between China and France's emerging beauty industries, and to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of beauty. The Greater Bay Area offers one of the important exchange platforms for global beauty industry, and has a natural advantage in integrating global beauty resources. In particular, the Greater Bay Area Beauty Industry Alliance is established to shoulder the mission of enhancing the international competitiveness of Guangdong cosmetics.

The Alliance will plant its feet in the Greater Bay Area and be oriented toward the whole country and the whole world, giving full play to its role as a bridge and link to help build an industrial cluster with global influence and popularity for high-quality development of the beauty industry. Inno & Beauty Centre is an innovative platform of the industry, and in the future, it will be committed to the comprehensive integration of beauty and fashion resources in the Greater Bay Area and the world, and provision of innovative services such as exhibition and experience, livestreaming marketing, distribution, and exchanges and cooperation, to become an ecological park of the beauty industry that will benefit the global beauty industry and consumers.

Promote industry exchanges and cooperation for the development of the beauty industry

At the second venue of the forum in Paris, France, Wu Na, general representative of Guangdong Economic and Trade Representative Office in France, Gilbert Réveillion, chair of the French Foreign Trade Advisors and other French representatives gave introductions under such topics as "economic and trade communication between Guangdong Province and France" and "Opportunities in China for French cosmetics in the post-epidemic era", seeking to utilize the experiences and advantages of China and France in the beauty industry to build win-win business model and create a larger market space.

After that, the organizer invited 7 representatives of France's emerging beauty brands to an online live streaming room for an in-depth discussion of the development trends of organic skin care products; the live broadcasting attracted a lot of attention of their peers, who then joined in active exchanges of ideas in brand positioning and agency cooperation. The perfect hardware and professional full industry chain services of Inno & Beauty Centre helped the brands overcome the boundaries of regions and languages to get opportunities to introduce themselves to, and in doing so, facilitated mutually beneficial integration of the whole industry chain and win-win cooperation.

In the future, Inno & Beauty Centre will keep leveraging on its platform advantages to provide a broad display stage for more products and brands that have excellent quality, artistic connotation, high technological content and innovative elements, and continue to promote growth of the beauty industry by facilitating industry exchanges and cooperation, and to help China's beauty industry reveal health and beauty to the world.