"Loving June · Benefit Huadu" Launched to Promote consumption, "Business, Tourism, Culture, Sports, Food, Accommodation, Travel and Entertainment" Drive Economic Development


The first of a series of consumer promotion activities under the theme of "Loving June • Benefit Huadu" kicked off at Agile Mall in Huadu District. Comprising consumptions that cross the borders of automobiles, food, livestreaming e-commerce, and cultural tourism, these events will offer various forms of promotion to deliver the greatest benefits possible to the people, and to boost economic development. The first event was hosted by the District Government and co-organized by the District Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, the District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism, and Sports, the District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the District Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The launching ceremony was attended by Li Xiaodong, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of the District, Cai Qiliang, Mayor of the District, Gao Guolin, General Manager Greater China at Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, and heads of relevant agencies, towns, streets, and associations in the District. Li Xiaodong and Gao Guolin handed over customers the keys to their new Dongfeng Nissan cars.

Cai Qiliang pointed out that Agile Mall was the first large-scale commercial complex of the Agile Group in China, and was also one of the key business districts of Huadu. The launching ceremony signified the start of a series of activities that aimed to promote the release of desire for consumption of products of various categories, such as automobiles, shopping, food, culture, and tourism, etc., to engage people in the first hand experience of the convenience and comfort of consumption in Huadu, and to promote consumption improvement and expansion.

Expanding domestic consumption was not only an important lever for the District to effectively embrace the impact of the pandemic, but also an important part of building a new development pattern. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, tertiary sector, the proportion of whose added value in the District's GDP jumped from 41.97% to 54.75%, displayed ever increasing contribution to economic growth. In 2021, the District recorded a total retail sale of consumer goods of 71.384 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%. The District ranks second in the city in terms of two-year average of growth rate and amount, reporting an increase of 27 billion yuan from the 44.174 billion yuan in 2016. Total retail sales of consumer goods during the period from January to April reached 24.23 billion yuan, up by 8.0% and ranking third in the city. The consumption potential of the District has been further released.

A combination of measures have been taken by the District Government to support the development of business and trade all these years: support is given to holding two car carnivals every year, in which car dealers in the District are encouraged to work together in sales promotions to stimulate the potential buying power for cars, and boost consumer confidence, giving full play to the car's role as the mainstay of the consumer market; vigorous efforts are made to promote consumption and night economy, in particular, Huadu Livestreaming Commerce Festival, Guangzhou International Shopping Festival Huadu Sub-venue and many other consumption promotion activities held in the mode of “government sets the stage, associations participate, and enterprises pitch in for the benefits of the people” to constantly promote the recovery of Huadu's commercial areas and sales market. The intermittent and sparse Covid-19 outbreaks in China have brought an unprecedented impact on the country's economic and social development in the past two years. In order to further boost the confidence of the consumer market, enhance the shopping desire of consumers, and promote the development of the consumer market, as a token of the District’s active response to the call of the country and Guangdong Province to bail out the service industry in 2022, and compliance of the requirements of the "Several Measures for Further Promoting Consumption in Guangdong Province", Huadu has took measures justified by local conditions to promotes consumption by means of festivals, trying to drive the steady growth of resident consumption.

It is reported that on June 18, the District will also hold the 23rd Automobile Culture Carnival at Huadu Square, and offer the consumers a car consumption feast. In addition, a series of other activities will be simultaneously held, such as "Enjoying Huadu · Double-Festival Gift Shopping Festival", "Livable Huadu", "Midsummer Appointment · Travel in Huadu" and "National Youth Fencing Competition" , to give citizens the chance to fully experience the high quality, diversity and high standard of Huadu's "Shopping + Cars”, "Shopping + Food” and "Shopping + Tourism” modes.