2022 Info Session on Huadu's Policies for Science and Technology Enterprise (West Region) Held to Solve the Last Mile Problem in Services to Enterprises

The 2022 Info Session on Huadu's Policies for Science and Technology Enterprise (West Region) was held in Dingsheng Valley industrial park as part of the effort of Huadu to guide enterprises to make good use of the preferential policies, support and serve the development of science and technology enterprises in the District, stimulate their innovation vitality, and effectively solve the Last Mile problem in serving them with policies on technology and innovation. Held under the guidance of Guangzhou Bureau of Science and Technology, hosted by Huadu Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, and co-organized by Dingsheng Valley industrial park and Guangzhou Xianhe Investment, two of the joint participants of Guangzhou Service Station for High and New-Technology Enterprises, the Session was attended by heads of technology affairs of the towns and streets of the District and representatives of about 50 technology companies.

Wonderful sharing by experts in science and technology service

HNTEs are an important vehicle to promote high-quality development of the industry, and an important support for further implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. At the Session, experts and mentors of science and technology services from the West Region Service Station for HNTEs gave detailed explanations and wonderful sharing on the evaluation and recognition of small and medium-sized technology enterprises, the application for recognition as HNTEs, the process of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and many other topics, trying to help technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to solve difficulties, help enterprises to fully understand the significance of applying for recognition of HNTE status, to make innovative development plans and to improve innovation capabilities. China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was recommended as the most authoritative and most influential platform of entrepreneurship and innovation activity that would be helpful in speeding up the growth of technology-based enterprises.

During the event, the experts also had an active interaction with the representatives of the participating companies, answering questions patiently. The atmosphere on the site was so warm that the responsible officer of the West Region High-tech Station said such exchanges would be held on a regular basis.

Dingsheng Valley, one of the co-organizers of this info session, is the first 5Os (Oxygen, Office, Open, Own and Opportunity) industrial park in the GHM Greater Bay Area, and is one of the first industrial parks in Huadu that have Guangzhou Service Station for High and New-Technology Enterprises. According to the responsible person of the park and the experts of the Service Station, they are confident to live up to the high expectations of the government and the enterprises; and in the future, they will further implement government’s instructions to the Station, and work diligently to provide consulting services to high-tech enterprises and assist them in their application, so as to help Guangzhou’s progress in applying for recognition of HNTE status with better quality and efficiency, making sure that the number of new- and high-technology enterprises of Guangzhou will keep rising.

Actively promote the cultivation of new-and high-technology enterprise

In an era featuring "popular entrepreneurship and innovation", Huadu District, adhering to the guideline of "Develop the District with Intelligent Manufacturing", and fully implementing the plan of “lead industrial transformation and upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, and strive to promote high-quality economic development", has in recent years improved the innovation support system, continued to optimize the climate for entrepreneurial activities, and sped up the cultivation of new- and high-technology enterprises through a series of measures, including holding info sessions on preferential policies for technology enterprises, establishing service stations for HNTEs, improving the service system for cultivation of HNTEs, promoting the introduction of district-level support measures, encouraging small and medium-sized technology enterprises to actively apply for HNTE status, and assisting HNTEs in improving their development speed and quality.

Now, Huadu has 792 national HNTEs, ranking fifth in the city both in terms of quantity and year-on-year growth rate, and 653 small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, ranking third in the city in year-on-year growth rate; 3 enterprises of District were enlisted in the first batch of "Hidden Champions” of Guangzhou; 2 companies were recognized as "Future Unicorns" and "Seed Unicorns", and 3 companies were among the top 50 innovative companies in Guangzhou in 2021. In the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held in 2021, a total of 10 companies from the District achieved excellent results, in including 2 third-prize winners in the provincial competition, and 8 prize winners in the city competition.

The next step of the District will be to continue implementation of the enterprise innovation plan, promote the high-quality development of scientific and technological innovation entities in the District along the gradient of "Technology-based SMEs - HNTEs - Innovation flagship Enterprises", implement the supporting vehicle plan, striving to have 5 more municipal-level innovation platforms, and continuously optimize the climate for scientific and technological innovation by holding activities such as science docent competitions, Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents, innovation and entrepreneurship road shows, and match-making for commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.