23rd Auto Culture Carnival of Huadu Kicked off Grandly for Promotion of Cross-field Integrated Consumption

"Loving June · Benefit Huadu". On the evening of June 17th, 2022, the 23rd Auto Culture Carnival of Huadu District was grandly launched in Huadu Square; huge promotions in various forms were applied to create an environment in which all parties actively participate and the people enjoy consumption, with the aim to further stimulate market vitality, release potential power of consumption, and promote the continuous recovery of consumption. The event was attended by District leaders Lan Haibin, Cai Qiliang, Chen Weiwen, together with Lei Xingyu, Chinese joint-chief of Dongfeng Nissan’s Operation and Management Headquarters, and heads of the District Automotive Industry Association and relevant departments of the District government.

Hundreds of the latest or the most classic models are presented

After more than ten years of innovation and development, the auto culture carnival has become the largest and most influential brand event in Huadu District, playing the roles as a platform on which major auto manufacturers display new products and new technologies and practice automobile marketing, and as an important car selection channel for citizens. Every carnival received enthusiastic response, where car dealers would provide car buyers with various preferential offers, and attracted many citizens to appreciate, test drive and purchase cars.

According to our sources, this year's auto culture carnival, hosted by the District government and organized by the District Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, has witnessed positive responses from many auto manufacturers and dealers. More than 100 of the latest or the most classic models available home and abroad from 30 brands are presented by nearly 20 car dealers of the District with favorable prices, all for giving back sincerely to Huadu people. The carnival also saw at the same time auto aftermarket enterprises, with a joint effort with Livable Huadu, Huadu Rural Revitalization Arena, and Auto Night Market, going all out to make a car culture feast that covers entirely tourism, culture and entertainment.

According to Cai Qiliang, Deputy Mayor of Huadu District, automotive industry is an important "engine" for the economic development of Huadu; as the "Exhibition" part in the government's plan for economic recovery, and revival of the consumer market, this carnival event represents a rally of the pillar industries of the District to support the creation of auto brands of our own, and help car dealers of the District in market expansion; and exhibitors are expected to seize every favorable opportunity, strive to expand sales, and try to make the car culture carnival a highlight of Huadu, and an important vehicle of car brand promotion contributing to the stable and healthy development of the automotive industry in Huadu.

People experiencing excitement and passion of the event

As one of the series of consumption promotion activities that integrates "business, tourism, culture, sports, food, accommodation, travel and entertainment", the car culture carnival will play a substantive role in promoting the consumption upgrade in the fields of passenger cars and new energy vehicles, and in cultivating the cross-border consumption integration of automotive, culture, business, travel and entertainment.

In order to give consumers the largest possible car purchase discounts, this year's car culture carnival is highly innovative in bringing out unprecedented special offer. Buying a car during the event will give the buyer an opportunity to win one of the three Dongfeng Nissan Venucia V cars through lucky draw on the spot. Dongfeng Nissan Venucia V is an important move of Dongfeng Nissan to explore the market of young people and communicate with them. The model is a product of Dongfeng Nissan's consistent high-quality car manufacturing standards, and a representative of the advanced level of Huadu’s automotive development.

What is more, the District Federation of Trade Unions is also offering on the spot agricultural products under poverty alleviation program to car buyers. Every car purchased will be entitled to 1 package of agricultural products worth 200 yuan. A total of 400 packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to the car culture carnival, the District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism, and Sports also has a "Flowering Market" on the site to promote Huadu's intangible cultural heritage projects, scenic spots, special souvenirs and other contents for the enjoyment of the citizens.