Guangzhou Koda Smart Industrial Park Breaks Ground for Accelerated Improvement of Modern Industrial System

Project rendering

On June 27, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for Guangzhou Koda Smart Industrial Park at Hongmian Avenue, Huadu District, marking the emergence of another strategic highland of Huadu in the field of smart industrial parks. The ceremony was witnessed by Chen Jiafei, Chair of CPPCC Huadu committee, Cai Qiliang, Deputy District Mayor, Lu Rixin, Vice Chair of CPPCC Huadu committee and Director of Huadu Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Chen Weiwen, Vice Chair of CPPCC Huadu committee and Chief of the Huadu Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, and officials from Huadu Development and Reform Bureau, Huadu Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, Huadu Economic Development Zone, and Xiuquan Street, and representatives of enterprises.

Information shows that the smart industrial park is a project invested and constructed by Koda Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, a Huadu-based company; the project covers a total land area about 100,000 square meters, and the total construction area of factory buildings and supporting facilities will be about 360,000 square meters. The Park will be operated mainly in connection with intelligent electronics industry, new IOT-based livestreaming e-commerce industry, biomedical technology and beauty industry, and other related industries. The Part has a goal to incubate 1-2 listed companies within five years. The annual output value is expected to reach 2 billion yuan when the project is fully put into operation.

According to the relevant responsible official of Xiuquan Street, the construction of Koda Smart Industrial Park is the result of the company's active response to the District party committee and District government's call for vigorous development of industrial economy and further acceleration of the formation of the District's modern industrial system to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhance industrial competitiveness; Xiuquan Street will, as always, create a good investment environment and provide whole-process follow-up services to ensure early implementation, early completion and early operation of the project; and at the same time, it is hoped that the construction contractors of the project will carry out safe construction work to high standards and strict requirements, and that they will carry forward the fine tradition of hard working and rising to challenges, and follow the guidance of “creating first-class project, quality, and brand”, so that they may ensure high-quality completion of work through carefully organization and scientific construction.

During the event, leaders and guests attending the groundbreaking ceremony took the stage together to shove soil for the construction project of Koda Smart Industrial Park. The next step to be taken by the Park is to complete the construction work on schedule with high standards, high quality and high efficiency, and speed up the improvement of the modern industrial system to build the most technologically advanced provincial or even national smart industrial park.