2022 International Fashion Bags Digital Cloud Fair RCEP Session Held in Huadu, Fierce Competition for Orders Saw 18 Million yuan Contracts Signed in 2 Hours

Screenshots from video of the event

On June 30, the 2022 International Fashion Bags Digital Cloud Fair RCEP Session was held in Guangdong Qiya Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shiling Town, Huadu District. This is the first new-type professional exhibition of bags, luggage and leather goods directed to RCEP countries with the support from CCPIT Guangzhou, as well as the first leg of Guangzhou Famous Products World Tour 2022.

RCEP, as the free trade zone in the world that has the largest population, the most diverse member structure and the greatest development potential, offers special tariff concessions for light industrial products such as luggage and bags. 20 excellent local leather and luggage companies of Shiling participate in this event held under the theme of "Consolidate the fundamentals for foreign trade growth and seize RCEP opportunities on cloud-based platform", in which they can accurately connect with overseas customers on a "one-on-one" and "face-to-face" basis. The exhibition not only showcases the fashionable luggage products of our District, but also adds growth momentum to Guangzhou's fashion industry chain. On the same day, 20 exhibitors signed contracts worth more than 18 million yuan during 2 hours of the cloud exhibition.

According to Yang Zili, general manager of an exhibitor Guangzhou Myth Industrial Co., Ltd., since the breakout of Covid-19 pandemic, their company has been conducting market expansion through digital cloud-based exhibition platforms, which produced satisfactory results every time, saved them manpower, money and time, and more importantly enabled them to meet the needs of customers with more precise and to expand customer base, and as a result relieved them to a great extent from the impact of the pandemic; and it is safe to say it offers a better way for enterprises to secure orders and expand market.

It is learned that since December 2019, Qiya Exhibition has held a total of 63 digital cloud-based exhibitions for leather goods and luggage, in which 375 companies participated, and a total of 435 million yuan sales were made with 1,769 customers. According to CCPIT Huadu District, a number of market development activities have been held in the District this year in cooperation with Google AdWords Experience Center, Guangdong Qiya Exhibition and other digital cloud-based exhibition companies, and have played a positive role in the steady development of foreign trade in the District. From January to May this year, the total value of import and export of the whole District was 34.59 billion yuan, up by 7.5% year-on-year.