District leaders Zheng Zhongmin, Mai Shaoming and Lu Rixin were also present at the unveiling event.


Kongtie Golden Corridor Props up the Development of HuaduThe recent opening to traffic of the main body of the Phase 1 project of Huadu Kongtie Avenue marks an important step forward of Huadu's effort to built an "airway-railway integrated" comprehensive transportation hub system in the District. The high-end industrial clusters dotted along the Kongtie Avenue constitute an industrial golden corridor, which will become a mainstay of the development of Huadu.

Huadu Kongtie Avenue is an express way connecting Guangzhou North Railway Station and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The 9.2 kilometer long avenue starts from the intersection of Xinjie Avenue and Industrial Avenue in the west, runs southward to cross the Xinjie River at the Daling Interchange, goes beneath the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, follows Yayao Road, passes the overpass at Guanghua Road, and sunken tunnels at Shuguang Road, Fenghuang Road and Jinghu Avenue, and finally ends at Yingbin Interchange.

High-end industrial clusters along Kongtie Avenue

Now, a bunch of high-end industrial clusters and commercial districts, including those of smart electronics, and air-port related high tech, have emerged along Kongtie Avenue. By connecting the Greenland Airport Center, 2025PARK, South China Beauty City, Guoguang Industrial Park and other industrial parks, the industrial corridor of Kongtie Avenue has been taking shape, and is attracting all kinds of high-quality industries and high-end industries at an accelerated pace.

South China Beauty City

Modern headquarters park for version 4.0 whole industry chain

It is a headquarters park for the beauty and cosmetics industry in the entire southern China. This industrial chain combo, which integrates headquarters, R&D, production and sales, is a "landmark" vehicle for the cosmetics industry in the GHM Greater Bay Area, and a demonstration area for the promotion of high-quality development of China's cosmetics industry. With "cosmetics headquarters cluster and beauty e-commerce livestreaming center" at the core of its business ecosystem and "industrial chain + internet + venture capital" as its basis, the Park is building itself into a one-stop modern headquarters park for version 4.0 whole industry chain by employing the dual-track operation system of "industrial ecological operation + smart community building", and integrating headquarters office, entrepreneurship activities, business, life, consumption and other functions to create vehicles, build platforms, and form business ecosystem.

At present, Huadu has more than 300 enterprises along the cosmetics industry chain (upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises) and more than 12,000 commercial sales enterprises, including 57 above-scale cosmetic enterprises, more than 100 enterprises with an output value of more than 10 million yuan. The total annual output value of the cosmetics industry chain is over 30 billion yuan.

Hundred-billion worth smart electronics industrial cluster

On the foundation laid by CETC South China Information Industrial Park and Guoguang 2025 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, efforts are made to cultivate and build a smart electronics industrial cluster that is led by new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing and headquarters economy. The goal is to build it an influential smart electronic information industry base in South China, a "hundred-billion worth smart electronics industrial cluster" in the south.

Current members of the cluster include CETC South China Information Industrial Park, which is led by China Electronic Technology Group Corporation in planning, construction and operation management; Guoguang 2025 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, an industrial park following the development concept of industry-city integration, which is jointly built by Sino-Ocean Group, Genimous Group and Guoguang Group; ZF South China R&D Center, which is constructed and operated by ZF (Guangzhou) Technologies Co, Ltd, and other high-quality enterprises.

Its main body is Huadu High-tech Industrial Park, which focuses on building airport-related high-tech industries and a new generation of information technology industrial clusters, in particular the development of new generation information technology, aircraft maintenance, aircraft part assembly, production of aircraft parts and accessories, airborne equipment manufacturing, avionics, aviation material manufacturing, semiconductor lighting (LED) , biopharmaceuticals, and optoelectronics industries. Huadu is now home to eight airlines, 10 companies engaged in aircraft maintenance, parts manufacturing, aviation material trading and passenger-to-cargo conversion business, as well as key optoelectronic companies such as Hongli Zhihui.

Kongtie Avenue builds five industrial clusters to bridge the Greater Bay Area and the world

Along the Kongtie Avenue and in its neighborhoods, Huadu District is exploring deep to tap into the four advantages of transportation location, industrial base, development space and high-quality platform, with view to create a characteristic industrial park that "bridges the Greater Bay Area and the world"; with a total area of 19km2, the park includes five industrial development groups: West Wing of the North Railway Station, Digital Smart Manufacturing Park, Aviation Service Core, Green Technological Innovation Island, U Port. With the Kongtie Avenue connecting Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station, the 10-kilometer long industrial space between the airway hub and railway hub will form an industrial golden corridor.

West Wing of the North Railway Station

The West Wing of the North Railway Station covers an area of about 4.6 square kilometers. It is designed to be home to bonded zone, premium hotels, innovative development services and other business forms, and become a pivotal gateway area of the city. It is divided into three group: cross axis, three-dimensional corridor and high-quality block, consisting of 24 land lots for commercial and business use, among which the CTS lot and the Jindi lot will be completed and opened for business in 2025.

Digital Smart Manufacturing Park

The Digital Smart Manufacturing Park covers an area of about 2.9 square kilometers. It will focus on optoelectronic devices, biotechnology and intelligent terminal companies and the cluster development of digital smart manufacturing, electronic information and other industries. The initial development of the park has been such that it can offer solid industrial foundation and mature conditions for further development. The South China Beauty City and the 2025PARK in it have been in operation.

Aviation service core

The aviation service core covers an area of about 3.5 square kilometers. It is committed to the development of airport supporting facilities, e-commerce, exhibition of excellent products and other industries. Based on the airport, an airport service center will be built to provide a high-quality space for development of new airport business forms.

Green Technological Innovation Island

The Green Technological Innovation Island covers an area of about 3.5 square kilometers. It will be a place for the cluster development of technology and entrepreneurship incubation, headquarters office, business finance and other industries. Leveraging the good ecological environment of Huadu Lake wetland, the plan is to create eco-friendly garden-style innovative office space and build a science and technology service platform to attract and cultivate top scientific and technological talents enterprises.

U port

The U Port will center on promotion of exhibition services, urban leisure. By tapping into economic effect of Baiyun International Airport, it aims to create a world-class aviation exhibition and trade core zone of 5.5 square kilometers.

Money will follow the road. The avenue will shorten the distance between the two transportation hubs, help to bind together a "wealth height", and serve as the backbone of a city's development. Marching into the future, Huadu will continue to build a high-end, high-quality, high-tech modern industrial system, create a new industrial development landscape of "one district, one city and one port", and embrace the world with an unprecedented open attitude.