Huadu District Held 2022 Business Promotion Conference to Seize New Air-Railway Opportunities in Its Effort to Build Northern Growth Pole


Huadu District held a business promotion conference entitled "New Airway-Railway Opportunities and Northern Growth Pole" in 2022. Sun Bin, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, attended the event, Peng Gaofeng, deputy director of Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, and Deng Maoying, deputy secretary-general of the Guangzhou Municipal Government spoke at the conference, and Xing Xiang, secretary of the Huadu District Party Committee, delivered a welcome speech. Also present at the event were Li Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of Huadu District Party Committee and District Mayor, Li Bo, Director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, and Chen Jiafei, Chair of the District Committee of Political Consultative Conference, and other district leaders.

At this event the “Airway-Railway Golden Corridor and Hub’s State Room ”, a plan of development in the GHM Greater Bay Area was first released; the “Ten Rules for Intellectual Huadu ”, an important talent policy was introduced, certificates were awarded to 30 high-level talents recognized by Huadu District, house keys were handed over to 24 outstanding talents of the first batch of key enterprises (projects), speaking loudly of the District’s determination and confidence to attract talents; and broadcasting of on-site signing ceremonies was made for 74 key projects and the progress of 84 settled projects was introduced through video conferences, in which a combined investment of 200 billion yuan was involved.

Peng Gaofeng pointed out that Huadu, as a District having both a super-large international airport and a large-scale railway passenger station, occupied an essential position in Guangzhou’s strategy to expand economic heartland and drive the development of the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, and was an important space carrier that could help Guangzhou blend in the domestic and international dual circulation economy and create a new development pattern; the District was expected to actively explore the new development model of "airway-railway integration", to give full play to its role as a air-rail hub that bridges the world and the Greater Bay Area, and to fully participate in international economic cooperation and competition; and the District should align itself to the nation’s Nansha plan, take on its shoulder the role of the growth pole of the mega-city of Guangzhou, and try to build a livable, employment and business friendly place that serves the GHM Greater Bay Area and benefits the Pan-Pearl River Delta.

Deng Maoying remarked that as the aviation center of the national central city of Guangzhou, and the northern growth pole of the city, Huadu was steadfast in adhering to the pro-business and pro-enterprise concept, and striving to create a place having highly favorable investment policies and low business costs. In the first half of this year, Huadu ranked first in the city in terms of the number and the growth rate of ten-billion projects signed and registered. With the signing of contracts for the settlement of a number of flagship enterprises in strategic emerging industries, Huadu will become an important platform for Guangzhou's opening up and development, a key hub with a cluster of high-end elements, and a strategic node that is essential to domestic circulation and participation in international circulation.

Xing Xiang said in her speech that Huadu was home to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station, two large airway and railway hubs in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and was a “window to the word”, and the “gateway of Guangzhou”. It was a place of opportunities, and would become the main field in which the trillion-dollar development of the international hub of the Greater Bay Area would unfold. Now, with the implementation of the "Overall Plan for Deepening the Comprehensive, World-oriented Cooperation among Guangdong Hong Kong, and Macao in Nansha, Guangzhou" , Huadu District has set as an important task to jointly build Guangzhou into a high-level portal of opening up to the outside world, in which they District would give full play to the "airway-railway hub" that was nothing short of a "golden rice bowl", and strive to contribute to the building of a world-class transportation hub system with a seaport in the south and an airport in the north. This was a place of vitality, with the land area available for industrial development accounting for more than a quarter of that of Guangzhou city. The seventh national census showed that the population of the District increased by 700,000 in 10 year, ranking second in the city in terms of growth rate.

It enjoyed such reputations as "Car Capital", "China Leather Capital", "China Cosmetics Capital" and "China Audio Capital"; and it was the owner of green finance reform and innovation pilot zone, national market purchase trade pilot zone, national urban-rural integration development pilot zone, car industrial bases and other platforms. This was a place of happiness. There was a cluster of renowned school, including Huadu School Affiliated to South China Normal University, Guangdong Guangya High School Huadu Campus, Guangzhou No. 6 Middle School Huadu Campus, and Guangzhou Huangguang Middle School. There were newly imported high-quality medical resources such as Renji Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, Huadu Campus of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, Guangdong Provincial Clinical Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the deployment of the new government service center, city exhibition hall, new library and other supporting facilities, the "urban living room" on Huadu’s central axis has begun to take shape. The District sincerely welcomed entrepreneurs and friends to choose Huadu, invest in Huadu, march toward the future hand in hand, and build a growth pole in the north of Guangzhou!

Zhang Lin, Chief Economics Engineer of China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., Zhu Qianhong, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Airport Authority, and Takeshi Yamaguchi, Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited and General Manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, and other entrepreneurs of Hong Kong, Macao, and foreign companies attended the event. Ying Sheung Wu, Chairman of Hong Kong Hopewell Group, and Wang Runyi, President of ZF Group China, delivered speeches via video connection. Also present at the event were leaders of Huadu District, including Zheng Zhongmin, Li Peng, Li Huirong, Liu Zhijie, Cai Qiliang, Mai Shaoming.