Seven Companies Signed up for Foison Industrial Incubation Platform in Creation of Business Opportunities Together


  On August 6, Guangzhou Foison Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Foison Group, held a signing ceremony for the industrial incubation strategic cooperation project, joining hands with 7 companies to create a future for its Foison Industrial Incubation Platform. And the ceremony was witnessed by relevant persons in charge of Foison Group, Huadu Productivity Promotion Center, and Huadu High-tech Start-ups Service Center.

  As the one responsible for the development and operation of the industry park of Huadu Autocity, Foison Group has continuously improved the park’s infrastructure and supporting facilities for 20 years, keeping pace with the times to meet the needs of enterprises and makers of the park. Guangzhou Foison Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. is a project incubation platform of Foison Industrial Base Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Foison Group. Since Foison Industrial Base's cooperation with Huadu High-tech Start-ups Service Center in building the city-level incubator, technology company entrepreneurs from all over the country have expressed strong interest in joining the Base to displace their achievements after years of scientific research and to realize the due social values of such achievements. Foison Industrial Incubation Platform is a city-level technology company incubator in Huadu that has an environment favorable for innovation and entrepreneurship activities. The strategic cooperation this time is a milestone in the new development plan of Autocity and will prove to be an important move to promote the development of its innovative industry chain.

  The day witnessed the contract signing between Guangzhou Foison Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Htrip Information Technology Co., Ltd., Das Master (China) Auto Service Co., Ltd., Guangdong Eyevision Medical Technology Co, Ltd., Shenzhen Delailan Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wizins Technology Co., Ltd. , Hangzhou Baocuiyuan Internet Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Zhongkai Rescue Resources Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd. Representatives of the signatory companies remarked that Foison Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd had complete marketing channels, advanced marketing and promotion models, and excellent mentor team, as well as infrastructure and resource advantages, and the cooperation parties would join hands to cope with difficulties along the way of incubation, to promote the development of the incubation projects, and to make them grow bigger and stronger.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Foison Group, they would build an efficient and fully empowered organization structure, facilitate in various forms the quick introduction of industrial incubation projects, and continuously upgrade the industrial incubation platform to higher quality levels, so that they could work together with partners to create business opportunities for the development of Huadu Autocity, and for a better future.

  A responsible official of the District’s Productivity Promotion Center said that Huadu District would focus on the innovative development pattern of "building the District stronger with smart manufacturing and transport hubs", and would implement in a deep-going way the innovation-driven development strategy; and that it was expected that Foison Industrial Incubation Platform and these 7 excellent companies would cooperate closely, draw on each other's strengths, innovate operation models, improve service quality, and continuously focus on technological innovation to promote the development of technological innovation, and the construction of a whole-process innovation ecological chain in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.