Meeting for Interpretation of Corporate Subsidy policies and Exchanges on Legal Practices in Human Resources Held to Boost Confidence and Help Companies with Difficulties

  How to better help Huadu Talent’s member companies to understand corporate subsidy policies, to obtain the latest information of peer companies and industries, and to grasp the key points in human resources legal practice? On August 16, an exchange meeting on the interpretation of corporate subsidy policies and legal practices in human resources was held in Yingyue Agricultural Ecological Park. Under the guidance of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and hosted by Huadu Talent Development Co., Ltd, the event saw active participation of representatives from more than 40 enterprise in various industries in the district.

  It is common that many enterprises may face problems caused by lack of funds, such as layoffs or even bankruptcy, in the course of actual development. In order to alleviate their capital pressure and allow them to develop better, the organizer specially invited specialists from the labor relations and employment promotion department of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to interpret in detail various aspects of start-up and employment support policies, including the applicant scopes of different types of subsidies, subsidy conditions, subsidy standards, subsidy period and application methods; and actively discussions on related issues took place between specialists and enterprise representatives during class intervals, in which interaction and communication help deepen their understanding of the new policies of government and related subsidies.

  The District Government and the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau have always attached great importance to the employment of graduates, and have always placed the promotion of employment of college graduates as a highly prioritized part of stabilizing and ensuring employment. In light of the information of enterprises’ needs of graduate recruitment obtained through survey in the early stage, some enterprises were invited to participate in the exchange meeting. At the meeting, relevant responsible officials, according to the spirit of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on promoting the employment of college graduates, shared with the company representatives information about relevant policies and measures concerning employment promotion of college graduates.

  In order to enhance the legal awareness of human resources practitioners in enterprises in the District, and help them grasp the key points of human resources legal practices to better cut the employment risk of enterprises, reasonably reduce the losses of enterprises arising from labor disputes, and establish healthy and positive employer image, professional lawyers of Guangzhou Jinpeng (Huadu) Law Firm were invited to share at the meeting their opinions on legal practice of human resources management and to analyze a number of cases involving common labor and employment legal risks. Human resource management questions raised by the representatives of the participating enterprises were also answered patiently one by one, which benefited the enterprises a lot.