Huadu's E-commerce platform Economy Booming with 3,500 Companies


  With the ongoing spread of e-commerce and the industrialization and application of new 5G technologies, new e-commerce models have mushroomed. According to information from relevant departments, the e-commerce platform economy in Huadu District is developing rapidly.

  Now, there are nearly 3,500 e-commerce enterprises in the District, including more than 50 fairly large ones, 14,345 active e-commerce online stores, 12 large-scale livestreaming bases, and about 34,000 people are directly involved in the business. A new landscape of livestreaming commerce is taking shape, with Shengdi Global Trade Center, Sunshine No. 6 Luggage livestreaming Base, and Honggu livestreaming Base at the center; a bunch of excellent e-commerce enterprises have emerged, like Honggu Leather, Haihua U. Pin, Grand Digital, and Kingsons Leather; and the application of e-commerce have penetrated various fields such as industry, commerce and trade, catering, culture, tourism and other service industries.

  At the same time rural e-commerce is also accelerating; connectivity have been strengthened with well-known e-commerce platforms, as well as with rural e-commerce related resources in the District, and industry-based rural e-commerce-focused digital agricultural development platform that integrates training, display, experience, and e-commerce sales have been established to create a closed-loop Internet + agricultural business ecology that will help rural revitalization.

  Aiming at building a "famous livestreaming commerce capital", the District is vigorously implementing the "ten, hundred, and thousand” plan designed to drive online retail using livestreaming commerce as the multiplier. The District is contemplating the formation of a new "Measures of Huadu District of Guangzhou for Supporting the Development of Livestreaming Commerce" to promote the rapid development of e-commerce in the District.