The first in Guangzhou! Lands for Construction and Resettlement Approved, the Phase III Project of Baiyun International Airport Moves to Fast Track

  Guangzhou has recently received from the Ministry of Natural Resources the approval for the project use (Zi Ran Zi Han [2022] No. 719), and the application for the acquisition and conversion of agricultural land of 4283 acres of land for expansion and resettlement purposes in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s Phase III Project has been approved by the State Council. The Project is now officially on the fast track.

  Day+Night/ 5+2 efforts for accelerated approval of land application

  The Phase III Project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is an important part in implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline, accelerating the construction of a country with strong transportation, boosting the construction of the "Air Silk Road" and the "Pearl River Delta World-class Airport Cluster", and promoting the leap-forward development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The land area involved in the Project is large, the number of villages to be removed is great, and the task of villager resettlement is difficult. The State Council approved at one time 3205 acres of land for the main project, 944 acres for resettlement area, 14 acres for air traffic control project, and 122 acres for off-site drainage canals, of which 2021 acres are within the jurisdiction of Huadu District.

  Faith can move mountains The quick and successful approval of the land application for the Phase III Project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the result of the hard work of the front-line workers for the land use approval, the scientific planning and careful deployment of the leaders of the District party Committee and the District Government, the careful command of the special team for approval, and the full and close cooperation of various functional departments and towns and streets led by Huadu Sub-bureau of Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, indeed it is a testimony to the collective hard work and wisdom.

  The main body of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Phase III Project obtained positive opinion on the land use pre-examination and site selection in July 2020; its construction of the controlling individual projects started partially after the approval for the project's advanced land use was obtained in September 2020; and on July 27, 2021, relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources conducted an on-site survey of the Baiyun Airport Phase III and the resettlement area, and clearly required that the file preparation and submission for land application should be completed before September 30. The District Party Committee and the District Government quickly set up a District special work team led by Huadu Sub-bureau of Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau. With extraordinary senses of urgency and responsibility the team committed itself to the file preparation and submission of land application, paying close attention to the implementation, clearly defining job responsibilities, and after more than 60 days and nights of hard work, they managed to set a record of accelerated approval process in the history of land application in Guangzhou with their strength and responsibility.

  The Phase III project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is a key project of the city, the province and the country, and there is no room for sloppiness. Following the instruction of "looking forward, initiative, and striving to be the first", Huadu Sub-bureau of Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau concentrated human power, materials and financial resources, formulated a road map, scheduled in accordance with the deadline, and clarified work responsibilities. The relevant personnel of the Sub-bureau quickly started the Day+Night/ 5+2 work mode; they faced difficulties, and worked overtime to effectively ensure that the land application process was carried out as scheduled.

  “Seeing the big picture" planning creates strong synergy

  The application in question involved nearly 2636 acres of land for the main project, resettlement area, off-site drainage canals, and air traffic control project in Huadu District, which was so large that it was certain that on-time completion of application was almost impossible by following traditional mode. After in-depth study of existing application and approval policy, a drastic change was made to the traditional application work mode, in which the land applications for the expansion main project, resettlement area, off-site drainage canal, and air traffic control was innovatively organized and submitted as a whole for approval. By doing so, the work procedure was further optimized, and the time frame of approval was greatly shortened, giving more freedom and opportunities to the application work.

  Faced with such practical issues as huge application data, complex ownership, and difficulty in coordinating villages and communities, Huadu Sub-bureau of Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, giving full play to the backbone of its work force, arranged for special personnel to strengthen the cooperation with relevant departments of the city and the province in accordance with the new requirements of the national on application for land, carefully checked the data to be reported and the land types, carefully proofread the heavy load of application materials, and striving to ensure that the reported data was detailed and error-free, and the materials were complete without any miss.

  Involving nearly 10 functional departments, including the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Water Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and District Airport Committee, 4 towns (streets) and 3 land users, and covering more than 70 processes, including pre-announcement of land acquisition, technical reports of land survey and demarcation, land acquisition compensation and resettlement announcements, and planning connection, the application work was faced with a wide scope of ownership, large workload, and high coordination difficulties. Huadu Sub-bureau of Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau adhered fast to the “seeing the big picture” work approach, and the special work team for application organized from time to time work coordination meetings to break down information barriers and form a work environment featuring joint efforts and efficient interactivity, providing strong support for the smooth progress of the application work.