District Convergent Media Center Launched Media & e-Commerce Project for Internet Celebrities as Ambassadors of Huadu


   The Convergent Media Center of Huadu District has launched a “Ten-Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand” project in Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center to cultivate internet celebrities, so that they can help realize the vision of “broadcasting the world's goods", and act as constantly ambassadors for Huadu and Huadu's brands. A grant ceremony was held on September 7 to celebrate the Media & e-Commerce Project of Huadu Convergent Media Center and the opening of Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center; and the event was witnessed by relevant responsible persons of the District CPPCC, the Publicity Department of CPC Huadu Committee, Huadu Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism, and Sports, Huadu Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, Huadu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shiling Town, Huashan Town, Xinhua Street and Huadu Convergent Media Center.

  Innovate "integrated services”

  Empower Huadu government and enterprises

  At the ceremony, contracts were signed by representatives of Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center and companies. Leaders and guests awarded certificates to star mentors and representative anchors, and unveiled plaques for the All-media Operator Training Base and the Official Examination Center for New Media Network Operation.

  Since its official plaque unveiling ceremony in 2019, Huadu Convergent Media Center has been received with a warm response by the public for its new operation model of "News + Government Service + Business operation", and for being a provider of livestreaming marketing services in various delivery forms.

  The Center's media & e-commerce business has three segments: Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center, which cultivates high-quality new media livestreaming commerce talents for Huadu District; media & e-commerce segments, which includes livestreaming e-commerce - "Convergent Media's Choice" and intracity e-commerce - "Hua Qian Hui"; and enterprise new media and digital transformation services. Ma Xingbin, general manager of Foison Group Technology Industry Company, one of the contracted companies, said, "We chose to cooperate with Huadu Convergent Media Center for two reasons, firstly they are official and professional, and secondly, their professional team is dedicated to talent cultivation. And we hope that Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center can train more outstanding talents for our industrial incubation. ”  

  Convergent media and e-commerce join force

  to solve the "last mile” problem to serve the people

  Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center has a number of multi-functional classrooms and student livestreaming studios, is equipped with various equipment for practice, and offers examination and certification services for all-media operators and online anchors. The courses it is now offering include: mobile phone shooting and editing, Douyin short video operation, secret training on Douyin livestreaming operation, and Internet influencer marketing practice. According to Gao Wenbo, head of the media & e-commerce department of Huadu Convergent Media Center, "After practice in the real world, the trainees can choose to either be assigned to our cooperative entities or carry out their own business. And we will stay with them until they are able to operate independently. ”

  As an e-commerce business livestreaming platform, "Convergent Media's Choice” has become a new IP of Huadu Convergent Media Center in the business of short videos and live streaming marketing, which serves as a vehicle of marketing for the fashion industry in Guangzhou and the Greater Bay Area. With more than cooperative 100 factories at hand as source suppliers, Convergent Media Center aims to build in the future 50 livestreaming studios to run around the clock to conduct livestreaming marketing and to promote Huadu. As an intracity e-commerce player, "Hua Qian Hui" is a city life circle service platform run by a government media entity that offer publicity and sales channels in new media for physical merchants in the same city. New media and digital services provide more government agencies and enterprises with graphic design, advertising copy planning, App construction, web page construction, SAAS system and customized software system supply and other services.

  Create a "Ten-Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand" Internet celebrity project to

  speak for Huadu

  Huadu Radio and Television New Media Livestreaming Training Center is to create a “Ten-Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand” project to cultivate internet celebrities. 10,000 new media e-commerce talents will be cultivated and sent as employees to enterprises or to provide entrepreneurial empowerment services; 1,000 enterprises will be empowered through convergent media livestreaming commerce supply chain to set up their new media departments and livestreaming commerce departments; 100 middle-level livestreaming studios will be built in the convergent Media Livestreaming Commerce Base Park; and 10 top-level livestreaming marketing influencers will be cultivated.

  When all these are achieved, Huadu Convergent Media Center, with the help of the livestreaming commerce platform of At that time, combined with the "Media Convergence" platform of Convergent Media's Choice and the city life service platform of Hua Qian Hui, will be able to the dream of “broadcasting the world's goods” a reality, and become a permanent ambassador of Huadu and Huadu's brands.