CPPCC Huadu Launches Special Research to Help Build the First "Dual Carbon Demonstration Zone" in the Greater Bay Area

  CPPCC Huadu District Committee has organized some of its members to carry out a special research on the proposal titled "Suggestions on Building the First Dual Carbon Demonstration Zone in the Greater Bay Area with the Help of Green Finance".

  CPPCC members visited and were briefed at China Emissions Exchange Guangzhou, and Poly Financial City Hall; in addition to full recognition of the achievements have been made by Huadu District in using green finance to help build the first dual-carbon demonstration zone in the Greater Bay Area, they also put forward opinions and suggestions how to promote the work further.

  Ye Nianjun, vice chair of the CPPCC Huadu District Committee, said that Huadu should give full play to green finance in building the first dual carbon demonstration zone in the Greater Bay Area, and should strive to secure advantageous position and lead in the national green finance reform.