Dongfeng Nissan Accelerates New Energy Transition to Contribute to Huadu's Building North Growth Pole of Guangzhou

  "Be it peaceful or stormy, Huadu has always thought for, stood by, and fought together with the enterprises, and continues to write a new chapter of the development story of 'one car, one group of people, one city' in the new conditions." These passionate words were uttered by Gao Guolin, Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited and Chinese General Manager Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company at the mobilization meeting held on June 3 in Huadu District to study and implement the Implementation Opinions on Supporting Huadu District to Build the North Growth Pole of Guangzhou.

  Dongfeng Nissan has been developing for 20 years in Huadu District of Guangzhou. With strong support of Guangzhou and Huadu District over the past 20 years, Dongfeng Nissan became the joint venture vehicle company in China that spent the shortest time to achieve the goal of producing and selling 15 million vehicles. The company also contributed to bring more than 260 automobile and parts enterprises to settle in the District, creating nearly 50,000 jobs. It cumulatively generated 1.6 trillion yuan output value of over, paid nearly 150 billion yuan taxes, and invested 28 billion yuan to build a production capacity of 1.5 million vehicles. Dongfeng Nissan has joined force with Huadu to build the automobile industry into a pillar industry, and Huadu has always been lucky place for Dongfeng Nissan's high-quality development.

  In the past 20 years, Huadu District and Dongfeng Nissan have jointly created a model of government-enterprise cooperation, built a benign virtuous interaction model in which "government supports and help enterprises develop, and government and enterprises cooperate to promote social prosperity", and formed a close relationship of "shared destiny", to promoted mutual development of both sides. "During the pandemic, Huadu District did everything possible to ensure a stable automotive industry supply chain; in the face of the inevitable trend of new energy vehicle transition, Huadu District strongly supports the implementation of Dongfeng Nissan Venucia's reconstruction of 200,000 new energy production line; and in the recent increase of pressure on our operation, Huadu District helped us expand our sales channels through various measures.” Gao Guolin gave the thumbs up to Huadu's business environment and support.

  Now in response to the important strategic opportunity of building the north growth pole of Guangzhou, Huadu has launched five pilot start-up areas. As one of pilot areas, the new energy vehicle and parts manufacturing industrial park will energize the construction of the north growth pole with its leading effect and influence. Dongfeng Nissan sees a brighter future in this and seizes this strategic opportunity to achieve its own further development.

  According to Gao Guolin, Dongfeng Nissan will accelerate its transition to the new energy field; the company will simultaneously develop three major technology platforms, "plug-in hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen energy" and launch no less than two new energy models every year. Venucia V-Online DDi plug-in hybrid, Dongfeng Nissan's first plug-in hybrid car that is scheduled to be on market next month, is now officially pre-sold on the cloud; Venucia's new pure electric cars will also be available this year, and its hydrogen fuel cell model will also be launched this year and put into demonstration operation in Huadu. Nissan will accelerate the implementation of the electric drive strategy; and the super-hybrid electric drive e-POWER X-Trail launched at the lowest price in the world at the end of May shows the greatest sincerity of the company to offer “electric car at the same price of gasoline car, and four-wheel drive car at the same price of two-wheel drive car" . In the field of intelligent and connected vehicle, Dongfeng Nissan strives to make Lan-You Technology bigger and stronger, and maintain leading in digitalization. Dongfeng Nissan will enhance the leading effect of "high-end intelligent manufacturing", and attract companies in new energy supporting components and intelligent network industries to settle down, to contribute its share to the building of Huadu into the north growth pole of Guangzhou and a world-renowned trillion-level "smart car city" .