Another Intelligent Manufacturing Base Settled in Huadu


  On June 16th, a groundbreaking ceremony for the 3AC central air-conditioning intelligent manufacturing base invested and built by Guangzhou Guoling Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was held in Huadong Town of Huadu District; leaders and guests present at the event jointly cut the ribbon for the groundbreaking ceremony of the project.

  Information shows that located at Shanqian Lvyou Avenue in Huadong Town, Huadu District, the 3AC central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base will have two seven-story modern workshops, with a total land area of 24,094.08 square meters, a total building area of 75,601.28 square meters, a construction investment of about 192 million yuan, and a production equipment investment of about 30 million yuan. Upon completion, it will have an initial production capacity of more than 400 million yuan, which can subsequently increased year-by-year. With such advantages as superior external environment, leading technical level and huge market potential, this central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base will surely generate good economic and social benefits.

  Since its settlement in Overseas Chinese Economic Development Pilot Zone in Huadong Town in 2003, 3AC Central Air Conditioning, adhering to the development of the real economy, giving full play to its advantages in technology research and development, and focusing on the manufacturing of central air conditioning products, have made positive contributions to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry of Huadu District.

  The 3AC central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base is an important result of the acceleration of production capacity improvement, and promotion of transformation and upgrading; besides it is also an important move to practice the concept of green and low-carbon for the achievement of sustainable and high-quality development. It is believed that with the successful completion and operation of the project, 3AC Central Air Conditioning will not only develop further, but will also actively give back to the society, fulfill its corporate responsibility as a company, and contribute to the development of local economy.

  According to relevant person in charge of Huadu District, the real economy is the key to and driving force of high-quality economic development; the manufacturing industry, as the main body of the real economy, is the root of a stable country, the instrument of a prosperous country, and the foundation of a strong country; in particular, as an important link between traditional and advanced manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing plays an important role in consolidating the foundation of the real economy and building a modern industrial system. it is believed that the construction of the base, as part of the effort to move from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, will reshape the enterprise form and industrial development model with intelligence, and breathe new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry of Huadu District. At the same time, it is also hoped that more and more investors can invest and take root in Huadu to jointly write a new chapter of high-quality development of Huadu.